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Cohort 2006 Graduation Rates — State Results

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is calculating and reporting graduation rates as part of overall efforts to improve educational outcomes for all students. In addition, reporting graduation rates is required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) and by a National Governors Association compact that Massachusetts has signed

The following tables and graphs summarize the results for the 2006 cohort. The four-year graduation rate is calculated as follows:

# of students in cohort (denominator) who graduate in 4 years or less
[# of 1st time entering 9th graders in 2002–03] − transfers out/deaths + transfers in

Table 1. Graduation Results for All Students and by Student Subgroups
All Students7438079.9%6.4%1.0%0.8%11.7%0.2%
Limited Eng. Prof.465254.5%14.7%4.6%0.3%25.6%0.2%
Special Education1381461.1%16.1%2.3%0.5%19.5%0.3%
Native American21269.8%8.5%2.8%0.0%17.5%1.4%
Pacific Islander10950.5%23.9%1.8%0.0%23.9%0.0%
Multi race, Non-Hisp.70686.1%5.5%1.7%0.3%6.4%0.0%
Urban 2224262.3%11.9%2.2%1.5%21.8%0.3%

Table 2. Graduation Results by Race/Ethnicity and Gender
Af. Am. Male334157.5% 16.2% 2.5% 1.4% 21.6% 0.8%
Af. Am. Female3305 71.5% 10.8% 2.5% 0.9% 14.3% 0.1%
Asian Male166780.2% 8.6%0.5%0.7%9.7%0.2%
Asian Female157387.9%4.7%0.8%0.4%6.2%0.0%
Hispanic Male419451.2%14.3%2.8%1.3%29.9%0.5%
Hispanic Female419962.7%9.8%3.2%1.2%23.0%0.1%
Nat. Am. Male9863.3%11.2%3.1%0.0%21.4%1.0%
Nat. Am. Female11475.4%6.1%2.6%0.0%14.0%1.8%
White Male2808082.2%5.8%0.6%0.7%10.4%0.3%
White Female2699488.0%3.3%0.5%0.7%7.4%0.1%
Pacific Isl. Male5836.2%36.2%3.4%0.0%24.1%0.0%
Pacific Isl. Female5166.7%9.8%0.0%0.0%23.5%0.0%
Multi race, Male34083.8%6.2%1.2%0.3%8.5%0.0%
Multi race, Female36688.3%4.9%2.2%0.3%4.4%0.0%
This bar graph depicts the data presented in Table 2.

Table 3. Graduation Results by Race and Limited English Proficient Status
African-American LEP86357.9%16.9%6.1%0.1%18.7%0.2%
African-American Non-LEP578365.4%13.0%1.9%1.3%17.9%0.5%
Asian LEP77273.2%13.9%1.2%0.5%11.3%0.0%
Asian Non-LEP246887.3%4.5%0.5%0.6%7.0%0.2%
Hispanic LEP228144.5%16.0%5.7%0.3%33.2%0.4%
Hispanic Non-LEP611261.6%10.6%2.0%1.6%24.0%0.3%
Native American LEP1250.0%16.7%8.3%0.0%25.0%0.0%
Native American Non-LEP20071.0%8.0%2.5%0.0%17.0%1.5%
White LEP70361.9%8.5%2.7%0.7%26.0%0.1%
White Non-LEP5437185.4%4.5%0.5%0.7%8.7%0.2%
Pacific Islander LEP862.5%12.5%0.0%0.0%25.0%0.0%
Pacific Islander Non-LEP10149.5%24.8%2.0%0.0%23.8%0.0%
Multi race LEP1361.5%23.1%15.4%0.0%0.0%0.0%
Multi race Non-LEP69386.6%5.2%1.4%0.3%6.5%0.0%

Table 4. Graduation Results for Special Education Students by Gender
Special Ed. Male881659.5%16.7%2.2%0.5%20.5%0.4%
Spec. Ed. Female499864.1%15.0%2.5%0.5%17.7%0.1%

Table 5. Graduation Results for Limited English Proficient Students by Gender
LEP Male235549.3%15.9%4.6%0.3%29.4%0.4%
LEP Female229759.8%13.5%4.6%0.3%21.8%0.0%

Table 6. Competency Determination Status of Select Non-Graduate Groups
 Still in School Dropped out
All Students60%40%36%64%
Limited Eng. Prof.46%54%14%86%
Special Education43%57%29%71%
Native American53%47%38%62%
Pacific Islander65%35%50%50%
Multi race, Non-Hisp.73%27%70%30%

Table 7. Distribution of Districts
RateNumber of DistrictsPercentage of Districts
< 50%62.2
50 – <60%93.2
60 – <70%176.1
70 – <80%3813.6
80 – <85%4616.5
85 – <90%5921.1
90 – <95%6924.7
95 – 100%3512.5
This bar graph depicts the data presented in Table 7.


  • Row percentages in tables may not total to 100 percent due to rounding.

  • In the reporting of aggregate results, students are included in the first column (from left to right) for which they qualify. For example, students who dropped out or were expelled, but earned a GED, are included in the GED category. Students who have earned a Certificate of Attainment but are still enrolled in school are included in the "Still in School" column.

  • Non-Grad Completer includes 1) students who earned a certificate of attainment, 2) students who met local graduation requirements but the district does not offer certificates of attainment, and 3) students with special needs who reached the maximum age (22) but did not graduate.

  • Students that earn a GED or Certificate of Attainment are not counted as graduates.

  • The Limited English Proficient, Special Education, and Low Income groups include all students that were reported in those categories at least once in high school. Students can be counted in more than one group.

  • The cohort count is as of the end of 2005–06 school year. The status (e.g., graduate, enrolled) is updated as of October 1, 2006.

  • The Urban group includes all students in the 22 districts that participate in the Department's Urban Superintendent Network (Boston, Brockton, Cambridge, Chelsea, Chicopee, Fall River, Fitchburg, Framingham, Haverhill, Holyoke, Lawrence, Leominster, Lowell, Lynn, Malden, New Bedford, Pittsfield, Revere, Somerville, Springfield, Taunton, Worcester).

  • Results based on data submitted to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education by school districts through the Department's Student Information Management System.

Last Updated: August 21, 2007
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