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Plans of High School Graduates: Class of 2001


The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education collects data annually from public high schools regarding the plans of their graduates. This report summarizes the data at the state level for the Class of 2001 and includes analyses by racial/ethnic groups and gender. Comparison data from past years are also provided, as well as district and individual school data. It is important to note that the data represent the intentions of high school graduates and may not reflect what students actually do after graduating from high school.

The Class of 2001

In 2001, a total of 54,391 students graduated from Massachusetts public high schools. Of these graduates, over 77 percent planned on attending college or some other post-secondary institution (e.g. trade schools), 14 percent planned on working, and two percent intended to enter the military. Three percent of the graduates reported having plans other than the ones listed above, and data was not available for the remaining three percent of graduates (Figure 1 below and Table 1). Of the graduates planning to attend college, more than twice as many planned to attend a four-year college than planned to attend a two-year college (54 versus 22 percent of all graduates).


Figure 1. Plans of 2001 High School Graduates
Of the total number of graduates:

  • 75% planned to attend college

    • Private four-year college - 31%
    • Public four-year college - 23%
    • Public two-year college - 19%
    • Private two-year college - 3%

  • 14% planned to work
  • 2% planned to enter the military
  • 2% planned to attend other post-secondary schools
Figure 1
Percentage of Graduates by Plans
Number of GraduatesPublic CollegePrivate CollegeOther Post-SecondaryMilitaryWorkOtherData Not Available

Note: Some percentages may not sum to 100 due to rounding.

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Last Updated: September 23, 2003
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