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Managing Your ELAR Account

What is the Educator Licensure And Renewal (ELAR) portal?

The Educator Licensure And Renewal (ELAR) portal is our comprehensive online licensure application system. It enables licensure applicants to create and access their personal profile as well as:

  • Apply and pay for licenses and endorsements online
  • Renew licenses and endorsements online
  • Check, in real-time, the status of all applications
  • Review correspondence from a licensure evaluator
  • Upload documents right into ELAR
  • Request and pay for a hard copy of licenses

ELAR is accessible 24 hours-per-day!

Create a Profile in ELAR:

If this is your first time using the ELAR system, you will need to create a profile. Once a profile is created the ELAR system will generate a Massachusetts Education Personnel ID (MEPID) number for you. See our section on MEPIDs for further information.

You may find you already have a User Name and Password. That is, if you applied for a Massachusetts Educator's license before, or have ever worked for a Massachusetts school or school district. If you find this to be true, continue by creating a NEW Profile and you will be directed to your credentials. When creating a Profile, there are a few things that can happen:

  1. You are asked to create a user Profile. This information is stored for DESE identification and administrative purposes only. Personal information is not shared or sold in any way. The process of creating a Profile consists of 4 pages, each asking for pertinent information that will be used in the ELAR application suite. Your User Name will be assigned automatically and cannot be changed. Your password should be changed to something that you and only you can remember. You will be asked to supply a Password Hint Question and Answer. This is a security feature that helps prevent unauthorized log in.
  2. You are asked for additional information. A school/district administrator or the DESE may have created a Profile for you while entering license information or adding you to a staff directory. You can complete the Profile setup by supplying a Password Hint Question and Answer. This is a further security feature that helps prevent unauthorized log in. Upon completion of this, you will receive your User Name and Password online.
  3. Your Profile is a partial match. You have supplied information that matches DESE records, but we are unable to complete the setup due to conflicting data (usually supplied to us by the Directory Administrator of the school system that you work in). Please contact your Directory Administrator to resolve the problem expediently. If they are unable to assist you, contact a DESE Customer Service Representative at (781) 338-6600.
  4. Your Profile is an exact match. You already have a Profile and you are reminded of your User Name. You are then given a chance to change your password after answering your Password Hint Question and Answer

Forgot or Lost User Name/Password?

If you are having difficulty entering your proper User Name or Password, please remember Passwords and User Names are "case sensitive". Retrieve User Name/Reset Password (ELAR Members only click on the link to retrieve user name and/or reset password). If after using this option you are still having difficulties retrieving your user name or resetting your password, please call the Customer Service Call Center at 781-338-6600 M-F: 9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm.

Creating/Re-setting a Password:

When re-setting a password please note that passwords are case-sensitive should be at least 6 characters long (numbers, letters or a combination of both), can't be a password that you have used in the past (you will receive an error message), and should not contain symbols.

Massachusetts Educators:

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education issues User Names for Massachusetts Educators to view their licensure information and apply for or renew a Massachusetts Educator's License.

School and district staff, and staff from other organizations:

The Department also issues User Names for school and district staff, and staff from other organizations who need access to secure web-based applications available through the Department's DESE Security Portal. People who have created or updated their user profile through the Educator Licensure And Renewal (ELAR) application are able to provide more information that allows the Department to securely identify them.

The Retrieve User Name/Reset Password link is for ELAR members. If you use DESE Security Portal Applications on behalf of your school, district, or other organization, please see your organization's Directory Administrator. Your Directory Administrator can reset your password.

Often, people who access DESE Security Portal applications for their school, district, or other organization, are also licensed Massachusetts Educators. If this is true for you, you can either use the Retrieve Username/Reset Password tool or contact your organization's Directory Administrator. If you select the Retrieve Username/Reset Password link, you will find yourself creating what seems to be a 'new' Profile; this is normal. If a Profile exists with your name and personal information, you will be reminded of your User Name once we receive enough information to make a match. At this time, you will also be able to change your Password.

Additional Helpful Tips

To find out about how to apply for or check the status of a license, visit our Applying for/Checking the Status of a License page.

ELAR "How To" guides can be found on our Academic PreK-12 Forms, Guidelines, and Licensure Regulations page.

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