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MCAS Performance Appeals

Commissioner's Message to Educators

September 2016

Dear Superintendents, Principals, and Educators,

The materials and information needed to submit MCAS Performance Appeals are available on the MCAS appeals website, including the application form and cohort worksheet. I request that superintendents review all information and encourage their faculty members who will be responsible for filing performance appeals this year to become familiar with the procedures for submitting appeals. I also encourage high schools to review the graduation status of all students in grade 12 prior to the end of the school year and file appeals for students who have not yet met the state graduation requirements. Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions about the Performance Appeals Process and the Guide to the MCAS Performance Appeals Process for detailed information about filing performance appeals.

Cohort appeals are reviewed monthly from October through June and should be submitted by the first week of each month in order to be reviewed that month. Appeals may also be resubmitted if additional information becomes available, such as final grade 12 GPAs for eligible students.

Portfolio appeals are reviewed three times during the year, according to the published timetable.

Transcript appeals are reviewed monthly from October through June and may be submitted for any student in grade 12 who transferred into a Massachusetts school after March retests were administered.

As a reminder, high schools must develop an Educational Proficiency Plan (EPP) for any student who does not receive a score of 240 or higher (i.e., Proficient or Advanced) on the grade 10 MCAS English language arts and mathematics tests. Students must successfully complete their EPP in order to earn a Competency Determination (CD).

I appreciate your effort on behalf of all students who have yet to meet the high school CD standard.


Mitchell D. Chester, Ed.D.
Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education

Last Updated: August 11, 2016
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