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For Immediate Release
Thursday, June 18, 1998
Contact:Jan Feldman

Massachusetts Department of Education Issues a Correction for Educational Technology

Malden - On June 1st, the Massachusetts Department of Education released the Educational Technology in Massachusetts Schools, 1997 report, which evaluated student access to computers, computer networks and the Internet in Massachusetts schools.

Most of the data in the June 1 report is accurate, and was based on four rounds of checking information. However, there were some errors made in the final round calculations by the Department of Education. As a result, data for some districts was reported incorrectly.

The Department of Education regrets the error, and has conducted a comprehensive review of the FY'97 technology statistics. New calculations have been made for statewide and school district data, and revised information is attached.

The corrected data shows that twenty-seven districts' rankings have significantly changed. Additionally, the original report excluded data for seven districts, and data for those districts is now included. As a result of the new calculations, several other districts' rankings have changed slightly.

The revised data shows that the statewide average number of students to one computer improved from 9.0 in the original report, to 8.4. When only the faster multimedia-capable "A" and "B" (Intel 486 / Apple '040 processor or better) computers were considered, the statewide average number of students to one computer dropped from 16.5 in the original report, to 15.6. For classroom Internet Access, the state's average dropped slightly, from 24% of classrooms connected, to 23%. For local area network (LAN) access, the state average rose from 25% to 26% of classrooms.

Last Updated: June 18, 1998
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