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ESE/EOE Color Specs

The DESE color palate was selected to work with the banner (circa 2001) and to meet accessibility standards. We chose colors that are distinguishable for contrast, printability and color blindness.

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Primary Colors

004386 - "ESE Blue"
Our primary field color and used as background for the top level navigation menu. Text overlays should be predominately white sans-serif. It can be used for secondary page content boxes or nav elements.
91A8CE - Medium blue
used as background secondary navigation menu. Text overlays should be predominately white sans-serif.
E2EAF6 - Light blue
used as background for left hand navigation menus.
000000 - Black
is the primary color for text overlay on a white background
FFFFFF - White
is our primary page background. All body copy, images, and other content are presented on a white background.
F7F7F7 - Gray97
Used as table backround in alternating rows. Can be used for roll-over effects, but should not be used as trim (too light). Do not overlay with white text, use black or gray60.

Secondary & Background Colors

The colors in the secondary palette were chosen to complement DESE's primary color palette. These colors can be used for accents, highlights, borders, backgrounds, table headers, charts or in combination.

Profiles Table Set - Gray

000000 - Black

Profiles Table Set - Blue

- tables
- tables
- tables

Profiles Table Set - Oranges


Thematic Map Set

004386 - DESE Blue

MCAS Performance Levels

004386 - Advanced
91A8CE - Proficient
FF9999 - Needs Improvement
FF3333 - Warning/Failing

Other Assorted Colors

999999 - Gray60
CCCCCC - Gray80
f7890c - Profiles Orange
b25801 - orange
14558f - blue

Last Updated: November 30, 2012
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