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Preparing a PDF for Web Posting with Adobe Acrobat X Pro

All documents posted to the Department's website must Meet the Commonwealth's Web Accessibility Standards.
These standards specify that PDF Documents must be both optimized and accessible.
The following standards and conventions are required when posting PDF documents:

Create the PDF with Accessibility Tags

  1. In the source program, (typically MS Office Suite) use the default settings for PDF Conversion. [Acrobat Menu > Preferences]
  2. Add an Electronic Title and metadate to the Office file as usual.
  3. Create the PDF
PDF Preferences screen shot

Set the Properties of the PDF

After the PDF is created, open the properties sheet [File > Properties or right click and select Document Properties]

file properties

On the Description tab:

  1. confirm that the Title is persisted from the source file, if not enter the title now.
  2. check that Tagged PDF and Fast Web View are set to Yes

Select the Security tab, confirm the security method is set to No Security.


Select the Initial View tab. Configure the settings as below:

  • Navigation tab: Page only
  • Page layout: Default
  • Magnification: Fit Page
  • Show: Document Title
initial view

Select the Custom Tab

  1. Confirm that metadata property persists from source file. If not add one now in Mmm dd yyyy format. Example: Feb 29 2012
  2. Delete any incomplete or nonsense pairs.

Select the Advanced tab and choose English as the Language.


Click OK to saves these settings

Perform an Accessibility check

  1. From the top menu, select View > Tools > Accessibility. This opens a panel on the right side of the window.

    accessiblity menu

  2. Select Quick Check

    quick check menu

  3. If you don't have any accessibility issues, you should this window

    quick check

  4. For more detailed information select Full Check then Start Checking.

    full check

    start check

  5. If you don't have any accessibility issues, you should see this window

    full check popup

  6. If there are issues, review the Accessibility Report. In general it's best to fix any issues the source file and recreate the PDF.

Save the file!

Last Updated: May 15, 2012
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