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Office of Planning and Research

An Overview of DESE Data

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education collects and compiles a variety of education and administrative data. In addition to these data collections, the Department provides guidance on how to use and interpret the data, data reports, and tools that can display these data in formats that are easy to interpret and understand.


Data Tools

The following tools can be used to access DESE data. These tools are useful for displaying the data in formats that can be manipulated, filtered, and easily interpreted.

  1. School/District Profiles
    Description: The Department collects and publishes a variety of data from schools and districts that can be accessed as aggregate state, district, and school profiles. Data is available starting from 1998 and includes data on accountability, AP participation, class size, enrollment, graduation rates, MCAS participation, MCAS test-item analysis, attrition, plans of high school graduates, teachers, and other topics. You may also view school Report Cards and search school and district directories. Alternatively, you may choose to create your own customized directory.

  2. District Analysis, Review and Assistant Tool (DART)
    Description: The DARTs offer snapshots of district and school performance, allowing users to easily track select data elements over time and make sound, meaningful comparisons to the state or to comparable organizations. The data elements in each DART tool are linked to a broader strategic framework that defines the characteristics of effective educational organizations. They also cover a broad range of district and school interests including demographic, assessment, student support, educator, financial, and achievement gap data.

    The DART for Districts and Schools is also available through School/District Profiles. To access the DART on School/District Profiles, select a district or school, and then the 'Analysis - DART' tab.

  3. Edwin Analytics (formerly the Education Data Warehouse)
    Description: The EDW is now Edwin Analytics! Edwin Analytics is a repository of data for MCAS, Growth, classroom performance, and student and educator statistics. It is a powerful reporting and data analysis tool that gives authorized districts and state-level users access to new information, reports, and perspectives on education and programs that support improvements in teaching and learning. The available tools and reports (over 50) will also help educators make informed decisions about how and where they can improve upon their teaching practices to provide an exceptional learning experience for their students.

Note to Researchers

Researchers interested in working with Massachusetts data should contact OPR for more information.

Last Updated: November 22, 2017
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