Massachusetts Tiered System of Support (MTSS)

Facilitation Notes Before You Begin the Protocols

The Intended Order: The person on the team recommended as facilitator is:
Protocol 1
Shared Beliefs About Mathematics Instruction for Students with Disabilities
Any one of the following:
  • Mathematics coordinator/coach/teacher leader or
  • Special education coordinator/leader or
  • Building principal
Protocol 2
Essential Understandings About Students with Disabilities
Special education coordinator/leader
Protocol 3
Essential Understandings About Rigorous Mathematics Instruction
Mathematics coordinator/coach/ teacher leader
Protocol 4
Aligning Barriers and Strategies
Co-led by mathematics coordinator coach/teacher and special education coordinator/leader
Protocol 5
Responding to a Range of Learning Needs
Co-led by mathematics coordinator/ coach / teacher and special education coordinator/leader

Talking Points for PPT Slides

With each slide, there are talking points provided for use by the facilitator. These talking points will appear in the "Notes" section under each slide. The talking points are also listed on a separate handout for each protocol.

Within the PowerPoint application, there is a way to have both the Notes and the content of the slide appear on the computer screen, visible only to the presenter, while only the contents of the slide appear to the audience. This can be a useful way to have the Notes available while presenting. If you wish to use this option, see below:

Need directions for MAC:

  • Open PPT Presentation
  • Click on "Slide Show" Tab
  • The view to the left will appear.
  • Click on "View Presenter Tools"
  • A screen will appear that shows you your current slide, presenter notes, and a preview of your next slide in the presentation.

Math Protocols

Directions for PCs:

  • Open PPT Presentation
  • Click on "Slide Show" Tab
  • Click on "Set Up Slide Show"
  • The view to the left will appear.
  • Display Monitor 2 Generic PnP Monitor
  • Check Show Presenter View

Math Protocols for PC

Managing the Discussions - Using a "Parking Lot"

A number of discussions are embedded in the five protocols, and it is likely that these discussions will raise a wide variety of issues and further discussion points. It may be useful to use a 'Parking Lot' to collect topics for further discussion. To do this you would post a flip chart in the room where participants will have easy access. You can either have participants write their topics for further discussion directly on the flip chart paper, or distribute Post-It Notes and have participants post the notes on the flip chart paper.

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