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Special Education

The Massachusetts Annual Performance Report: 2002-2003

The Massachusetts Annual Performance Report: Students with Disabilities School Year 2002-03 provides an overview of activities related to special education specific to federally identified clusters for the period beginning July 1, 2002 and ending June 31, 2003. In the past, this report was conducted every two years and was referred to as the Massachusetts Biennial Performance Report. However, under new reporting requirements, this analysis will now be conducted and produced annually and will be referred to as the Massachusetts Annual Performance Report (APR). This report responds to the Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR), section 34 CFR 80.40.

Executive Summary

Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) Required Cluster Areas

Download PDF Document  Cluster I - General Supervision

Download PDF Document  Cluster II - Early Childhood Transition

Download PDF Document  Cluster III - Parent Involvement

Download PDF Document  Cluster IV - Free Appropriate Public Education in the Least Restrictive Environment

Download PDF Document  Cluster V - Secondary Transition

Office of Special Education Programs Required Attachments

Download PDF Document  Attachment 1: Cluster Area I -General Supervision (Dispute Resolution - Complaints, Mediations, and Due Process Hearings Baseline/Trend Data)

Attachment 2:

Download PDF Document  Cluster Area IV - Free Appropriate Public Education in the Least restrictive Environment

Download PDF Document  Explanation of Progress and Slippage

Download PDF Document  Attachment 3: Report of the Participation and Performance of Students with Disabilities on State Assessments by Content Area, Grade, and Type of Assessment

Massachusetts Annual Performance Report Appendices

Appendix A: Policy and procedural information on Monitoring, Complaints Management, and Hearings Resolutions

Download Word Document  A.1 Public School Coordinated Program Review System
Download PDF Document  A.2 Approved Private Day and Residential Special Education School Program Review Procedures
Download Word Document  A.4 Civil Rights - Methods of Administration (MOA)
View HTML Page  A.5 Coordinated Program Review Cycle and Mid-Cycle Review Schedule (Sample)
Download PDF Document  A.6 Special Education Focused Monitoring: Pilot Procedures
View HTML Page  A.7 Problem Resolution System Information Guide
View HTML Page  A.8 Hearing Rules for Special Education Appeals
Download PDF Document  A.9 Special Education Mediation Brochure

Appendix: B: CPR and Problem Resolution Data

Download PDF Document  B.2 Overview of 2002 - 2003 Coordinated Program Review Findings
Download PDF Document  B.3 Coordinated Program Review CIP Data
Download PDF Document  B.4 Problem Resolution System CIP Data
Download PDF Document  B.5 CPR - Appendix III data (CIP information)

Appendix C: OSEP Data Verification Visit

View HTML Page  C.2 BSEA Response to OSEP Data Verification Visit

Download PDF Document  Appendix D: School System Summary Report - Staff - October 1, 2001

Appendix E: Changes for Reporting Accurate and Timely Data for Table 5 Discipline Report

Download PDF Document  E.1 Violence or Drug-Related Incidents
Download PDF Document  E.2 Student Discipline Records

Appendix F: Graduation and Assessment Data

Download PDF Document  F.1 Competency Determination Rate Charts 1 and 2
Download PDF Document  F.2 School Leaders' Guide to the 2003 Mid-Cycle AYP Reports

Download PDF Document  Appendix G: Longitudinal Placement Data - Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education State Total Percent Special Education Enrollment and Special Education Enrollment by Placement/Prototype: School Years 1991 to 2003

View HTML Page  Appendix H: Early Care and Education in Massachusetts Public School Preschool Classrooms

Last Updated: May 17, 2004
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