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Special Education

Massachusetts State Performance Plan (MA SPP)

Activity Overview for Indicators #7, #8, #11, #12, #13, #14 and Special Education Program Plan Statement

Indicator #7:a - Early Childhood Outcomes: Entry Data CollectionIndicator #12 - Early Childhood Transition
 b - Early Childhood Outcomes: Exit Data CollectionIndicator #13Secondary Transition
Indicator #8 - Parental Involvement SurveyIndicator #14:a - Post-School Outcomes: Student Profiles
Indicator # 11 - Initial Evaluation Timelines b - Post-School Outcomes: Follow-up

Cohort 4

Cohort 4 7b

  • Fall 2014 - Complete Special Education Program Plan Statement - Due October 1, 2014.
  • Spring 2015, districts will collect exit data for preschool students with IEPs in order to measure their social-emotional, academic, and behavioral growth (Indicators 7b).
  • Winter/Spring 2015, districts will work with the ESE to collect district level data measuring the percent of parents with a child receiving special education services that report that schools facilitated parent involvement as a means of improving services and results for children with disabilities (Indicator 8).
  • Spring 2015, districts will conduct a self-assessment and report data to measure the compliance with Indicator 12 - the percent of children referred by Early Intervention (Part C) prior to age 3, who are found eligible for special education (Part B) services, and who have an IEP developed and implemented by their third birthdays.
  • Spring 2016, districts will conduct a self-assessment and report data to measure the percent of children with parental consent for initial evaluation, who were evaluated and eligibility determined within 45 days (Indicator 11).
  • Spring 2016, districts will begin initial data collection activities for Indicator 14: Post-School Outcomes by collecting contact information from students with IEPs who are exiting or have exited high school during the 2015-2016 school year (Indicator 14a).

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Last Updated: July 20, 2016
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