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My Career and Academic Plan (MyCAP)

What Is My Career and Academic Plan?

My Career and Academic Plan (MyCAP) is a student-centered, multi-year planning tool designed to provide students with ongoing opportunities to plan for their academic, personal/social and career success. Because the primary author of MyCAP is the student with guidance from at least one identified caring adult in the school setting and in consultation with parents/guardians, students are empowered to seek out learning opportunities that align with their individual career interests and self-defined goals. Through identification of interests and goals along with an acknowledgement of any barriers to success and supports necessary to overcome those barriers, MyCAP maps the academic plan, personal/social skill attainment, and workplace readiness activities required for postsecondary success. As the student comes to own his/her choices and future planning, MyCAP may also improve student engagement.

MyCAP implementation supports district and school goals such as: completion of MassCore (MA recommended program of high school study); increasing the number of students who take and pass Advanced Placement (AP) and college level academic courses; increasing student attendance and engagement; increasing high school graduation rates; and increasing the number of students enrolling, persisting and attaining a postsecondary credential.

MyCAP is intended for ALL students beginning as early as sixth grade. The MyCAP tool consists of both a process and an electronic platform. The electronic platform provides a place to organize and record progress related to academic achievement, personal/social skill development, and career development information that leads to workplace readiness. However, it is within the process that students: set attainable goals based on individual interests and strengths; engage in activities that promote academic achievement, personal social skill development and career development education; promote communication between students, school staff, parents, and other influential adults; and support school and district improvement efforts that are responsive to students' interests and needs.

My Career and Academic Plan (MyCAP) Implementation Guide word collage

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My Career and Academic Plan (MyCAP) Implementation Guide

My Career and Academic Plan At-a-Glance:

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MyCAP Overview
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MyCAP Getting Started
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MyCAP/CCA Framework

College and Career Advising Program (CCA)

The Department, in partnership with MASCA (Massachusetts School Counselor Association) has sponsored a three day workshop series for the 2019-2020 school year designed to provide schools an opportunity to create a high quality college and career advising program in combination with a student-driven academic and career planning process called MyCAP (My Career and Academic Plan). This training is aligned with the MA definition of College and Career Readiness Download Word Document and the MA Model for Comprehensive School Counseling 2.0. While these training are now at capacity, additional sessions will be available in school year 2020-21. Materials from the first year of training are available below.

Using a newly designed College and Career Advising Framework, the Department in conjunction with the Massachusetts School Counselor Association and Public Consulting Group created a three-day workshop called Massachusetts College and Career Advising Professional Development Series. This series offers participants the opportunity to create their own CCA program using the newly created CCA Framework in combination with a process and tool for individual, student-driven academic, college and career planning called MyCAP (My Career and Academic Plan). Participants learn how to integrate the three domains of college and career readiness (Academic, Personal/Social, and Career Development) into a program of learning objectives for each grade 9–12, including activities and lessons to ensure student success in high school, in a post-secondary pathway and in life.

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Workshop 1 Participant Guide
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Workshop 1 Powerpoint Presentation
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CCA Framework
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Workshop 2 Participant Guide
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Workshop 2 Powerpoint Presentation
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Workshop 3 Participant Guide
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Workshop 3 Powerpoint Presentation

MEFA Pathways: Your Plan for the Future

  • MEFA Pathways: YourPlanForTheFuture is an initiative of MEFA (the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority), in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education.

  • MEFA Pathways: YourPlanForTheFuture allows students to create a secure personal portfolio, search for college and career information, apply to colleges and universities online and have a solid college and career plan. If you are interested in getting your school or student involved please visit MEFA Pathways: YourPlanForTheFuture.

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