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Preliminary Charter School FY23 Tuition and Enrollment

Below you will find the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's most recent calculation of preliminary FY23 charter school tuition and reimbursements. These amounts will be used by the Department of Revenue to certify the December 30, 2022 local aid distribution. Final FY23 tuition and reimbursements will be calculated in June 2023.

Districts and charter schools are reminded that the second quarter tuition calculations are still estimates. For a summary of the tuition disbursement process, please go to the School Finance: Charter School web posting.

Tuition, FTE, and Rate Summaries

These tuition estimates reflect the fall enrollment as reported by each charter school via a SIMS (Student Information Management System) electronic data transmission, as well as the most recent district net school spending.

Rate Component Detail

The charter school tuition rate has three components. The facilities component is set by the legislature at $938 per pupil. The detail for the other two components is provided below.

  • Foundation Budget is an MS Excel spreadsheet containing the statutory Foundation Budgets of all applicable charter school sending districts. A drop-down menu allows the user to select the school, campus, and district.

  • Preliminary FY23 Net School Spending Percentage Above Foundation Budget is an MS Excel spreadsheet that provides the calculation used to determine the percentage of net school spending above foundation budget. Deductions for retired teacher's health insurance and out-of-district special education costs are shown in detail.

Pupil Rosters

Charter school pupil rosters should be available for download from Drop Box Central at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's Secure Web Portal by January 15, 2023. To obtain your roster please go to the Claim Form Drop Box and select your organization type, i.e., public school district or charter school.

Questions regarding charter school tuition and reimbursements may be addressed to Hadley Cabral in School Finance at (781) 338-6586 or .

Last Updated: January 3, 2023

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