ESP Technical Assistance

Logging In

Tips for Successful Log In

  1. Clear your browser's cache/cookies (CTRL + SHIFT + R)

    • OR, open up the new Security Portal in a New Incognito or Private window (CTRL + SHIFT + N)
    • OR, open up the security portal in a different browser.

  2. Use all lowercase letters when entering in your username and email address.

  3. Be sure there are no extra or leading spaces in the any form fields.

Applications are Missing After Logging In

Clear your browser's cache/cookies (CTRL + SHIFT + R) and/or hit refresh (f5).

Page is Not Connecting to the Server

If you are unable to connect to the server, there may be a firewall issue. Please reach out to your district technology staff and ask that they add the following domains as "safe sites." This will allow district staff to access the site.

Domains: and


Verification Email Never Received

There are several reasons why you may not receive a verification email during the reactivation process. Most often it is one of these two reasons:

  1. The email went to your spam or junk folder.
  2. Your email address was typed incorrectly.

If you did not receive an email, then you should check your spam or junk folder to check if the verification email might have gone automatically into one of those folders. Also, if you view email in MS Outlook using "focused" and "other" tabs, sometimes the emails get filtered to the "other" tab by mistake.

If you still cannot find the email, then check your email address for accuracy. If the address is incorrect, you should click the back button and enter it again. Then click on the "Resend Code" button and a new verification email will be sent to you.

Name is Not Correct

Reactivating Multiple Usernames

Users will need to reactivate each account individually. For assistance please submit a Help ticket.