Grant Allocations & Awards: FY2018

Fund Code: 335
Safe and Supportive Schools Grant

Funds Allocated:$231,900 (State)
Funds Requested:$438,440
Purpose: The purpose of this competitive grant program is to provide funding to districts (and their selected schools) to develop and implement action plans that organize, integrate, and sustain school and district-wide efforts to create safe and supportive school environments and coordinate and align student support initiatives. This work is intended to help schools create safe, positive, healthy and inclusive whole-school learning environments and make effective use of a system for integrating services and aligning initiatives that promote students' behavioral health (e.g., social and emotional learning, bullying prevention, trauma sensitivity, dropout prevention, truancy reduction, children's mental health, foster care and homeless youth education, inclusion of students with disabilities, substance use prevention, positive behavioral approaches that reduce suspensions and expulsions, and other similar initiatives).

The main priorities for this grant will support:
  • Category A: Schools and districts to convene a school team to respond to all questions in the Behavioral Health and Public School (BHPS) Self-Assessment Tool. Teams will then create action plans to identify priority areas as they relate to the six areas in the BHPS Tool which include: Leadership; Professional Development; Access to Resources and Services; Academic and Non-Academic Activities; School Policies, Procedures and Protocols; and Collaboration with Families.
  • Category B: Schools to implement action plans. School and district teams previously completed the BHPS Tool and developed these action plans to identify priority areas as they relate to their analysis of the Tool results.
Number of Proposals Received:29
Number of Proposals Recommended:17
Number of Proposals Not Recommended:12
Result of Funding: A total of 17 districts and their selected schools will receive funds through the two categories described above to create safe, supportive and welcoming school environments. Category A: A total of ten (10) districts and their selected schools will receive funds to support the convening of school and district based teams to utilize the BHPS Self-Assessment Tool and create school based action plans. Category B: A total of seven (7) districts and their selected schools will receive funds to support the implementation of school and district action plans. Awarded applicants for Category B are indicated below in italics. Grant awards range from $5,000 to $20,000.

Arlington Public Schools$19,900
Berkshire Arts and Technology Charter Public School (Adams)10,000
Berkshire Hills Regional School District (Stockbridge)10,000
Boston Public Schools10,000
Carver Public Schools10,000
Chelsea Public Schools19,800
Clinton Public Schools15,000
Easthampton Public Schools13,500
Milton Public Schools20,000
Monomoy Regional School District (Chatham)5,000
North Adams Public Schools20,000
Pioneer Valley Regional School District (Northfield)5,200
Quaboag Regional School District (Warren)20,000
Sandwich Public Schools10,000
Southbridge Public Schools20,000
Stoneham Public Schools10,000
West Springfield Public Schools13,500
Total State Funds$231,900