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Plans of High School Graduates: Class of 2000

March, 2002

Dear Friends:

I am pleased to issue the annual publication, Plans of High School Graduates: Class of 2000. This report provides information on the post-graduation plans of Massachusetts public high school students who graduated in 2000. The data in this document, along with several other educational indicators that we report, help to inform decision-making at both local and state levels.

For the Class of 2000, nearly 75 percent of Massachusetts high school graduates plan to continue their education at a two- or four-year college. This figure has shown steady growth from 53 percent recorded over twenty years ago. Correspondingly, 15 percent of graduates plan to work, approximately half of the percentage planning to work in 1980.

The Education Reform Act of 1993, with its high standards for students and teachers, will strengthen the efforts of Massachusetts schools and districts in preparing students to successfully pursue their post-graduation plans.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this report, please contact:

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David P. Driscoll
Commissioner of Education