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Plans of High School Graduates: Class of 2001

Data Collection and Reporting by Individual Schools and Districts

Data about the plans of high school graduates were obtained from the Year-End School Indicator Report, a survey of Massachusetts public schools conducted by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education at the end of every school year. School officials report the number of graduating students by gender and race across nine categories of post-graduation plans. High schools reported in the data table, Plans of High School Graduates: Class of 2001, starting on page 8 are classified as follows:

Plans of High School Graduates, Class of 2001
 Number of Grads2 Year Public College4 Year Public College2 Year Private College4 Year Private CollegeOther Post SecondaryMilitaryWorkOtherInfo Not Available

Note: All schools with Oct. 1, 2000 enrollment in grade 12 are included in the report.
*A= Academic High School; C= Comprehensive High School; V= Vocational High School
**Data have been suppressed for schools with fewer than six graduates and are not included in the district totals.

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