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Administrative Apprenticeship/Internship


A comprehensive field-based learning experience of at least 300 hours (see required hours) in the role and at the level of the license sought, guided by a trained mentor who holds a Professional license in the same role (an appropriate mentor should have at least three years experience at the Initial and/or Professional level in the role of the license sought, and hold the license sought at the Professional level prior to the completion of the apprenticeship/internship). It shall provide seminars, workshops, and other opportunities for candidates to address the Professional Standards for Administrators set forth in 603 CMR 7.10 and prepare candidates for a Performance Assessment for Initial License. Such experience may be completed as a paid or unpaid apprenticeship or as an internship while the candidate is employed as an acting administrator.


This route is available for eligible candidates applying for the following administrative licensure areas:

  1. Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent (levels: all)
  2. Principal/Assistant Principal (levels: PreK–6; 5–8; 9–12)
  3. Supervisor/Director (levels: dependent on prerequisite license)
  4. Special Education Administrator (levels: all)
  5. School Business Administrator (levels: all)

Required Hours

Superintendent/Assistant Superintendent — 500 hours

Principal/Assistant Principal — 500 hours

Supervisor/Director — 300 hours

Special Education Administrator — 500 hours

School Business Administrator — 300 hours

Distinguishing Features of the Apprenticeship and Internship

A candidate with either traditional or non-traditional educational experiences or a candidate with a non-educational background may pursue either an administrative apprenticeship or an administrative internship in a school district as the route to a specific administrator license. Both require a commitment from the district, including the assignment of a trained mentor to work closely with the candidate.

An administrative internship is one that typically has the licensure candidate employed by the school district as an acting administrator (administrator of record). The administrative apprenticeship can be a paid or unpaid experience and has the candidate functioning in the role of the license sought under the guidance of the mentor for at least the minimum hours required. Please refer to the Administrator Licenses: Guide and Form (Apprenticeship/Internship and Panel Review) for additional information and required forms.

Last Updated: September 30, 2018

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