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2015 MCAS Sample Student Work and Scoring Guides

Below you will find each released short-response question, open-response question, and writing prompt that was included on the spring 2015 MCAS tests; the scoring guide for each question; and a sample of student work at each score point for that question. Student work samples in English Language Arts Composition and Reading Comprehension include annotations at all grade levels and score points.

Taken together, the questions, the writing prompts, the scoring guides, and the corresponding student work provide a picture of the expectations for student performance on the MCAS tests.

Two different samples of student work have been included at the highest score point for all grades and subjects with the exception of the ELA Composition Standard English Conventions. In addition, two different samples are included at Score Points 1 and 2 for the short-response question for Grade 3 ELA Reading Comprehension.

The Release of Spring 2015 MCAS Test Items contains all grade 10 ELA and Mathematics test items, as well as all high school Biology, Introductory Physics, and Technology/Engineering test items on which student results are based. Also included in this document are approximately 50% of this year's common MCAS test items for grades 3–8. High school Chemistry common test items were not released in 2015. Due to weather-related closures, the Department administered two separate operational ELA writing prompts at grades 4, 7, and 10 in the spring of 2015. For grade 10, both writing prompts as well as their respective scoring guides, student work samples, and annotations have been released. For grades 4 and 7, only one writing prompt with the scoring guide, student work samples, and annotations has been released.

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