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Memorandum on Specific Learning Disability — Eligibility Process/Forms

To:Special Education Administrators and Other Interested Parties
From:Marcia Mittnacht, State Director of Special Education
Date:December 10, 2007

The purpose of this memo is to introduce a new series of forms and technical assistance documents that are to be used when finding a student eligible for special education with a Specific Learning Disability (SLD). District eligibility Teams may begin using the new forms immediately and must begin using them by the beginning of the 2008-09 school year. A variety of training opportunities will be available to districts over the course of the next several months.

This information was developed to support a process for determining eligibility for special education under SLD. The process includes four necessary components that satisfy federal and state requirements. The majority of the requirements remain consistent from previous years, however, there are two new requirements: 1) to document a historical review and 2) to document the evaluation method used to determine eligibility. Please note that the four components are addressed concurrently; this is not a linear process.

Included in the series is:

In addition, there are four technical assistance documents:

The Specific Learning Disability Team Determination of Eligibility form (28M/10) is mandated and includes documentation of the four components used to determine eligibility. Each component has a corresponding SLD form to document the findings. The technical assistance documents were developed to provide support as you proceed through the process.

In addition to the forms and technical assistance documents, a PowerPoint presentation is available with further instruction on how the process for SLD eligibility is to proceed. The PowerPoint presentation along with facilitator's notes can be accessed by clicking on the Specific Learning Disabilities: Eligibility Determination Under IDEA 2004 link below. Information regarding future trainings will be announced under Headlines on the main page.

We hope all of this information is helpful. Stay tuned for more.

Specific Learning Disabilities: Eligibility Determination under IDEA 2004 is a professional development module created by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Special Education Planning and Policy Development (SEPP) office for district and building level administrators, general and special educators, related service providers and parents that provides information regarding requirements when a student is being assessed for special education with a Specific Learning Disability (SLD).

Module Goal: To provide guidance to the process and forms that are required if a student is evaluated for special education eligibility with a SLD. Participants will:

  • learn what a Specific Learning Disability is;
  • become aware of how classroom practices and SLD eligibility are related;
  • become aware of the process of determining eligibility with a SLD;
  • learn how to use the forms and technical assistance around SLD.

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