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Mathematics Digital Supplement Program FY24

Initial Approval Applications still welcome!

All applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

The 2023-24 Mathematics Digital Supplement Program will support the implementation of a digital supplement program for students in 4th and 8th grade. Studies show that high-quality digital supplements have demonstrated effectiveness for accelerating academic growth with diverse populations. MIND Education is the successful bidder for this program and the available Digital Supplement Program is ST Math. The 2023-24 Mathematics Digital Supplement Program will fund up to 50% of the cost for the district to purchase the ST Math program, train staff, and implement the program for the 23-24 School Year. ST Math is a computer-based program designed to enrich and deepen students' conceptual understanding of mathematics through a visually based approach utilizing interactive, engaging, and age-appropriate software. All MA public Districts/Schools/Charters may apply. This could be a new adoption of ST Math or a continuation.

MIND Education will provide schools and districts with access to the ST Math program, professional learning to support teachers' implementation of the program, and provide relevant data and evidence of student progress and growth in mathematics. MIND Education will invoice DESE directly for services as defined in the contract agreement.

Application Process

Prior to submitting an application, the district/school/charter should determine their needs based on student numbers and appropriate professional learning needed.

  1. Complete the DESE Initial Approval Application. Initial approval will take place on a rolling basis starting with those received by 8/14 using the Competitive Priorities listed below.
  2. Once the Initial Approval Application is processed and approved by DESE, the applicant will work with MIND Education to prepare a quote for licenses and professional development. The applicant will then submit the Final Approval Form including a prepared quote.
  3. Once the Final Approval Form and quotes are authorized, DESE will communicate to the applicant and MIND Education to move forward.
  4. MIND Education will invoice DESE directly for services as defined in the approved quote.

Eligibility and Competitive Priorities

All Massachusetts public school districts, schools, and charter schools are eligible to apply. Initial approval of funds for the 2023-24 Mathematics Digital Supplement Program is based on the school/district commitment to expectations for implementation, competitive priorities, and funding availability. Districts/schools/charters are encouraged to apply regardless of their status regarding the competitive priorities.

DESE will give Competitive Priority to:

  1. Chronically underperforming districts/schools.
  2. Schools requiring assistance or intervention.
  3. Schools with high incidence of 4th and 8th graders not meeting expectations on 2022 MCAS.
  4. Schools with high needs students (students identified as low-Income, students with disabilities, student identified as English Learners).

Initial applications will be reviewed based on the date received and evaluated based on the Competitive Priorities identified above. Districts and Schools will receive notification of approval as quickly as possible.

The initial application window is open now and will remain open based on available funding.

Anticipated Cost to State

ST Math student licenses

  • $26 per student for ST Math student subscriptions (4th and 8th graders only). Which includes:
    • ST Math software license until June 30th, 2024
    • ST Math Implementation Support
    • Access to ST Math Academy on-demand professional learning modules
    • Embedded program help and tutorials
    • Technical support
  • Each school will receive a minimum of 40 student/accounts.

Professional Learning

New Users of ST MATH can receive Two 90 - minute sessions - for up to 50 participants for new user sites - $1,500. MIND will strive to fill as many seats as possible within each district.

  • Foundations of ST Math — PL100
  • Monitoring & Supporting Students in ST Math — PL102

Returning Users of ST Math can choose from the following virtual options

  • Enhancing Instructional Practices with ST Math — PL103
  • Using Tools with ST Math — PL107
  • Puzzle Talk Foundations — PL109
  • Family Workshop — PL400

Available funding based on number of schools in participating district. $750 for each 90 min session. MIND will strive to fill as many seats as possible within each district.

  • 1–3 schools = $1,500
  • 4–6 schools = $3,000
  • 7 or more schools = $4,500

You may find more information on Professional Learning options at ST Math.

Implementation District Commitments

  • Give permission for the vendor to provide relevant individual-level student data regarding progress and performance, including vendor assessments, as part of participation in the curriculum and/or programs and any teacher-level data regarding participation in professional development and implementation/use of the program to a third-party evaluator identified by DESE through an open-bid process. Coordinate with the vendor as needed.
  • Provide all educators with the necessary training/professional development to effectively implement the selection program/instructional materials, including allocating sufficient release time for staff.
  • Full implementation in participating grades and schools for the year.
  • Monitor student use of the digital program.
  • Understanding and accepting any costs for the program beyond the 2023-24 school year.

Note for Applicants that participated in Accelerating Mathematics Instruction for students during the 2022-23 school year

Districts/Schools/Charters that participated in Accelerating Mathematics Instruction for students during the 2021-22 or 2022-23 school year(s) can apply to continue their use of ST Math if they wish. The application process is the same for all districts.

Note about School and District Applications

  • Districts must communicate with the individual schools for which the funds will be used to guarantee schoolwide implementation of the purchased materials.
  • Schools should communicate with district leadership before applying. No school will be allowed to be funded in the case of redundancy with a district application.

Last Updated: September 11, 2023

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