The Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education

2017-2018 Board Annual Report

Members of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
Jeffrey C. Riley, Commissioner
January 11, 2019

The Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education's (Board) annual report covers the activities and initiatives of both the Board and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for FY2018. Each year, the Board is required to submit a report to inform the public and the Legislature about decisions that have been made and work that is taking place to support and continuously improve public education across the Commonwealth.

This year's annual report is a dynamic online version that includes highlights of key agency activities, as well as multimedia examples of work from districts that demonstrate how the Board's policies come to life in Massachusetts public schools.

We plan to share the report with the governor and the Legislature, all school district leaders and classroom teachers, and local media outlets that cover the districts that contributed. We will showcase the annual report at the January 22 meeting. Helene Bettencourt, Associate Commissioner, Communication and Planning, and Jass Stewart, Deputy Chief of Staff, will be available at the Board meeting to answer your questions.