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Deeper Learning is an immersive experience where students build knowledge, produce authentic work, and develop 21st-century skills!

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What is Deeper Learning?

Massachusetts public schools lead the nation in student performance, but not all students are achieving at their highest potential.

In today's world, young people need to be able to successfully interpret information; research, understand, and apply new concepts; and collaborate with a range of people in diverse settings.

With Deeper Learning, students build their knowledge, produce authentic work, master content, and build a deeper ownership of learning that can be applied to the real world – today and tomorrow.

Our goal is to ensure every student in Massachusetts can experience this immersive learning experience in and out of school.

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Kaleidoscope and the Innovative Assessment

The Kaleidoscope Collective for Learning and the Innovative Assessment are pilot programs that are laying the groundwork for deeper learning in Massachusetts.

As levers of change, the Deeper Learning pilots focus on the latest in professional development, curriculum, instruction, and assessment to reshape the traditional classroom experience so that all students can exercise and deepen their unique talents, skills, and ways of thinking.

At the center of the two pilot programs is our belief in equity, that everything we do respects and reflects the latest practices concerning how different students from all backgrounds learn the best.

We are using lessons learned to refine our approach, share successful strategies, and ultimately transform statewide policies and systems to create the conditions for deeper learning across Massachusetts.

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Our Work So Far

Before students are able to learn more deeply, educators must first have the skills and tools to teach in new ways.

With this in mind, Kaleidoscope has focused on preparing school leaders and classroom teachers, together, with the resources to support the development of their school's unique instructional vision through the lens of deeper learning.

Through Kaleidoscope's robust coaching model, ongoing convenings, the development of exemplar curriculum, and an online learning platform — as well as the Innovative Assessment's cutting-edge test design and approach — educators in the pilot programs are immersed in the latest research, sharing with and learning from each other, and refining their practices for the most impact at the school level.

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Get Involved

Too often, innovation takes place on the fringes. Good ideas are funded and tested, but they don't gain the traction to create change at scale. Sometimes, the state education agency is an unsurmountable obstacle to change.

In Massachusetts, we're turning that on its head. Through the Kaleidoscope Collective for Learning and the innovative assessment, we are developing a shared understanding of what Deeper Learning is, what it should look like, and how it will benefit all 1 million public school students in our state each year.

Here are ways you can get involved:

  • Donate. To fully implement the pilot, we are seeking additional investments from foundations, corporations, and committed individuals. Contact our donor relations team to learn more about opportunities to support this groundbreaking initiative.
  • Sign up. Stay up to date on the Kaleidoscope Collective pilot – how Kaleidoscope's professional development is progressing, lessons learned and lessons shared, and our expansion plans. Sign up for Deeper Learning's newsletter, Roundup.
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