Never stop learning.

DESE supports programs that encourage students to take their learning beyond the classroom because curiosity should shine in and out of school, day and night. From after school to weekends and beyond, great teaching and learning is happening across Massachusetts. Our schools are leading the way and DESE will always be right there with you.

What do we need to know about COVID-19 this year?

Please see Department of Public Health guidance, including isolation and quarantine guidance for students in educational settings. Vaccines have been approved for everyone 6 months old and over.

Schools and districts are receiving more support

Massachusetts school districts are receiving approximately $2.8 billion in state and federal pandemic relief money between 2020 and fall 2024. The money is in the form of federal coronavirus relief funds, and districts can spend it on a wide range of priorities to meet students' academic, social, emotional, and mental health needs.

School meals are still free

Massachusetts has extended universal free school meals, making National School Lunch Program meals available at no charge to all students during the 2022–23 school year. Families in need of food assistance can also consider applying for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Early reading instruction is crucial

Literacy opens the doors to new ideas and opportunities, and we want to make sure every student gets a solid foundation. Through the Mass Literacy Guide, professional learning opportunities for teachers, and curriculum reviews, we're making it easier for schools to choose and use proven strategies and materials.

Families have a range of learning options for their kids

Massachusetts parents have access to high quality educational options for learners of all ages. These options include traditional public schools; charter, vocational/technical, and virtual schools; adult education; and other programs. Learn more about your options, how to find a school, and resources for families.

Speak up if you have concerns about your child's well-being

The pandemic disrupted lives in different ways, and in some cases, students' mental health has suffered. If you have specific concerns about your child, let their teacher and school counselor know. You can also find resources at Handhold MA.

Your Partner in Learning

Every school and district has its own context, and DESE's collaborations recognize our shared responsibility to Massachusetts students, the benefit of learning from each other, and the need for different supports in different schools. Learn more about how we work as a partner with students, families, educators, and communities.

Looking for more information?

In some cases, the information you might be looking for can be found by contacting your local school district, because they know the details about your child's individual school. You can also visit our family webpage to access information on a range of topics.

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