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CUrriculum RAtings by TEachers (CURATE)

"We're looking for high-quality curricular materials aligned to Massachusetts standards. Do you have any advice?"

It's an important question, and one we hear frequently. The CURATE project is our response. We convene panels of Massachusetts teachers to review and rate evidence on the quality and alignment of specific curricular materials, then publish their findings here for educators across the Commonwealth to consult.

Click the links to the left for more information about CURATE, get an overview of CURATE's product ratings below, or dig into our fuller reports on each CURATE-reviewed product.

Overviews of Ratings

Don't See Your Curriculum on CURATE?

Please note that CURATE panels review only products that have already been found by an independent evaluation process to be partially or fully aligned to college- and career-ready standards.

If you're researching a product you don't see listed here, try EdReports. It's possible that it has not yet been submitted to CURATE, or, the product has not been determined to meet expectations for alignment to college- and career ready standards.

Products with a Master Agreement

Any product with an overall rating of Meets Expectations qualifies for a statewide master agreement designed to streamline the procurement process for schools and districts choosing to adopt it. The table below shows products on the master agreement as of our last web update; please note that other products may also be eligible and currently in the negotiation or approval process. Please contact Nechama Goldberg for more information about how to use this agreement.


Amplify ELA (2019)AmplifyELA/literacy6–8
ARC Core (2017)American Reading CompanyELA/literacyK–2
ARC Core (2017)American Reading CompanyELA/literacy3–5
ARC Core (2017)American Reading CompanyELA/literacy6–8
Core Knowledge Language Arts (2015)AmplifyELA/literacyK–2
EL Education (2017)Open Up ResourcesELA/literacyK–2
EL Education (2019)Open Up ResourcesELA/literacy6–8
Into Reading (2020)HMHELA/literacyK–5
Into Literature (2020)HMHELA/literacy6–8
MyPerspectives (2017)Savvas Learning CompanyELA/literacy6–8
myView Literacy (2020)SavvasELA/literacyK–2
myView Literacy (2020)SavvasELA/literacy3–5
StudySync (2017)McGraw–HillELA/literacy6–8
Wit & Wisdom (2016)Great MindsELA/literacyK–2
Wit & Wisdom (2016)Great MindsELA/literacy3–5
Wit & Wisdom (2016)Great MindsELA/literacy6–8
Wonders (2020)McGraw–HillELA/literacyK–2
Wonders (2020)McGraw–HillELA/literacy3–5


enVision Math CC (2020)SavvasMathK–5
Illustrative Math (2018)LearnZillion (Edgenuity)Math6–8
Illustrative Math (2018)McGraw-HillMath6–8
Illustrative Math Traditional AGA (2021)McGraw-HillMath9–12
Into Math (2020)HMHMathK–5
Into Math (2018)HMHMath6–8
iReady Classroom Math (2020)Curriculum AssociatesMathK–5
OpenUp Resources Math (2017)OpenUp ResourcesMath6–8


Amplify Science (2018)AmplifySTE6–8

Professional Development Aligned to CURATE-Rated Materials

The Professional Learning Partner Guide (PLPG) is an online, vetted list of organizations that provide effective professional development (PD) services aligned to high-quality instructional materials in ELA, Math, and Science. With nearly 70% of CURATE-rated materials serviced by PLPG-approved organizations, districts can use the PLPG as a valuable resource for selecting PD partners to support the launch and implementation of these curricula. For additional support, please reach out to .

Professional Development Resources

Does your district need support with the implementation of high-quality instructional materials? The Professional Learning Partner Guide (PLPG) is an online, vetted list of organizations that provide effective professional development (PD) services aligned to high-quality instructional materials in ELA, Math, and Science.

After selecting a curriculum, districts can use the PLPG to select PD partners who have curriculum-specific expertise to support MA educators as they launch and implement high-quality instructional materials. The PLPG currently features over twenty professional learning partners who provide curriculum-aligned PD to MA schools and districts, servicing nearly 70% of CURATE-rated and reviewed materials.

High-quality instructional materials have an increased positive impact on student learning when paired with curriculum-specific, ongoing professional learning. The PLPG is a valuable resource that supports the informed implementation of high-quality, curriculum-aligned PD. For additional information about DESE's partnership with Rivet Education and the PLPG, please reach out to .

For more information about CURATE, please reach out to .

Last Updated: August 31, 2023

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