Grants and Other Financial Assistance Programs: FY2018

Expanded Learning Time Implementation Grant
Fund Code: 225

Purpose:This state funded grant program provides financial assistance to local school districts with schools that have approved Expanded Learning Time (ELT) implementation plans. All participating schools must increase the amount of time in their schedules so that they are operating at least an additional 300 hours than the average for students in other schools within the district.
Priorities: The grant provides resources that support the implementation of approved ELT implementation plans in schools to:
  1. provide more instructional opportunities in mathematics, literacy, science, and other core subjects to support student achievement;
  2. integrate enrichment opportunities into student learning; and
  3. provide adults with increased opportunities to plan and participate in professional development activities.
Eligibility:Districts awarded FY17 Expanded Learning Time Implementation Grants (Fund Code 225) are eligible.

Funding Type:State

Funding:Approximately $14,000,000 is available, subject to the final FY18 State Budget appropriation.

Fund Use:Salaries, stipends, contracts, instructional materials, and other expenses associated with operating expanded school schedules.

Project Duration:Upon Approval - 6/30/2018
Program Unit:Office of Charter Schools and School Redesign
Contacts: Moira Connolly
Phone Number:(781) 338- 3216
Date Due:Friday, June 2, 2017 - Proposals must be received at the Department by 5:00 p.m. on the date due.

Required Forms:
Download Word Document
Part I - General - Program Unit Signature Page (Standard Contract Form and Application for Program Grants) Grant submission workbook
Download Excel Document
FY18 225 ELT Grant Submission
Download Word Document
ELT Grant Assurances Document

ELT Collective Bargaining Documentation (provided by district)

Additional Information:
Download Excel Document
Budget Template (This is a budget template for the applicant to utilize while working through their final budget request in order to prepare for entering it into EdGrants. Please feel free to use this template when preparing for Application Submission. This Is Not the Budget. The actual final budget the applicant is requesting will be entered directly into EdGrants as part of the application submission process.)

Submission Instructions: Submit all required grant materials through EdGrants

In EdGrants, districts are required to create and name the project. Please use the following naming convention for your "Applicant Project Name" in EdGrants:
FY18 225 Expanded Learning Time Implementation Grant District Name

All required forms should be uploaded / attached in the Attachments List formlet of the Application Submission. This includes a signed / scanned PDF of Part I / Coversheet with Superintendent's signature as well as Affirmation of Consultation form(s) and Schedule A form, if applicable to your district.

For Guidance Documents regarding EdGrants, visit EdGrants: User Guides and Information.

Please note: It is up to the district to determine who they want to add as EdGrants Front Office users in order to submit grant application as well as payment request information. Please review the EdGrants: User Security Controls document to make informed decisions regarding assigning your district level users.