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Grants and Other Financial Assistance Programs

EdGrants: User Security Controls

Edgrants is the DESE grants management system used to:

  • Submit grant applications
  • Request funds monthly
  • Submit Final Financial Reports
  • Amend grant application where necessary

Each Applicant (district, charter school, CBO, college, etc.) has their own preferred method of how they handle applying for grant funds and who is authorized to do what within the organization.

Some Applicants prefer the business manager and / or their personnel submit the grant application and financial aspects on behalf of the organization as the authorized signatory.

Other Applicants have their program directors assemble the grant application and submit the information on behalf of the organization; business office personnel take it from there and submit payment requests and final reports.

Lastly, some Applicants have the programmatic director put together the grant application for submission but then they meet with the appropriate business office personnel to finalize the budget and obtain fiscal / organization level sign off.

How Applicants decide to distribute these roles is at the discretion of the organization. It is up to the Applicant to maintain the roles and responsibilities of their staff because the EdGrants system will not enforce these security roles.

It is the responsibility of the Applicant/LEA to inform DESE of any user changes/deactivations as they occur using the EdGrants Front Office User Request Form .

User Group Permissions in EdGrants

Control User: This is a user who can submit any step and perform any action that is available to the Applicant. This includes application submission, payment requests, and final reports across every grant program housed within EdGrants for that organization.

The Applicant would have to ensure that the established users associated with a specific grant program will only submit information on behalf of that program — because the system does not distinguish between programs submitted under the organization.

Read Only: This is a user who cannot submit any document that is available to the applicant, but they can view any and all information contained within those forms.

Admin: Currently, DESE is keeping the Admin user rights to a generic Admin user that we use to help troubleshoot EdGrants system issues as we go live.

If the Applicant has determined that they would like staff in their organization outside of the business office to have access to EdGrants, please have the finance / business office manager email the EdGrants Front Office User Request Form to . We will also accept user request forms from organization Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents and Executive Directors.

Last Updated: October 29, 2020

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