2017-18 School Year: A Renewed Belief in All Students

Welcome to our 2018 annual report to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE). We are excited to share with you some of what took place in the Commonwealth's nearly 1,900 schools and adult education programs and how the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) worked with local districts and other education entities to:

  1. Strengthen standards, curriculum, instruction, and assessment;
  2. Promote educator development;
  3. Support social-emotional learning, health, and safety;
  4. Turn around the lowest performing districts and schools; and
  5. Enhance resource allocation and data use.

The 2017-18 school year brought a new leader and a new vision to the agency. Learn more from Board of Elementary and Secondary Education Chairman Paul Sagan Download PDF Document and Commissioner Jeffrey C. Riley Download PDF Document, who was appointed Massachusetts' 24th commissioner of elementary and secondary education in early 2018.

Bringing the work to life

Boston Collegiate Charter School

Preparing students for MCAS and beyond

Burlington Public Schools

Personalized learning at the Burlington High School Help Desk

Cambridge Public Schools

Collaboration and data at the Martin Luther King, Jr. School

Fall River Public Schools

Blended learning at John J. Doran Community School

Salem Public Schools

Curriculum mapping as a way to ensure equity and access

II. Promote educator development

DESE aims to ensure that all students have access to highly skilled educators by setting high standards for educators, evaluating educators based on those standards, and providing targeted professional development.

Bringing the work to life

Chelsea Public Schools

Building a professional learning system for educators

Revere Public Schools

Teacher leadership in action

Wakefield Public Schools

An adapted supervision and evaluation system

Bringing the work to life

Hampden-Wilbraham Regional School District

Strengthening school climate and social-emotional learning

Methuen Public Schools

Methuen Comprehensive School Mental Health System

Somerville Public Schools

Consolidating student data for a comprehensive view

IV. Turn around the lowest performing districts and schools

The state supports the Commonwealth's lowest performing schools and districts with evidence-based interventions to support rapid improvement for students, including improved instruction and student-specific supports.

Bringing the work to life

Turnaround resources for high schools

Evidence-based guidance on implementing turnaround practices at the high school level

Henry Grew Elementary School, Boston

Implementing the Massachusetts Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

Watson Elementary School, Fall River

Family and community engagement practices at a turnaround school

Bringing the work to life

Central Berkshire Regional School District

Wahconah Regional High School's EWIS rap

SEEM Collaborative

Supporting inclusive practices through resource reallocation and research

Board Members (2017-18) Download PDF Document | Education-Related Laws Download PDF Document | Student Data Download PDF Document | Educator Data Download PDF Document | Summary Data Download PDF Document | Agency Information Download PDF Document
Photos feature Excel Academy Charter Schools, Revere Public Schools, Alma del Mar Charter School, and Brockton Public Schools.
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