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Download RADAR BenchmarkingVersion 5/28/2019

Join the growing number of districts using RADAR—a suite of innovative Excel-based reports for a new approach to resource decisions. Access RADAR materials here and get started.

Spending Chart: Compare your spending and staffing to other districts

Compare your spending and staffing to other districts

  • Select your own list of districts for comparisons
  • Consider other districts' student outcomes in your resources analysis
  • Include comparative community wealth and per pupil spending as comparison factors

Visualize district trends over 5 years

Visualize district trends over 5 years

  • Help your staff and community understand how the district has been changing
  • See enrollment and demographics, performance, staffing and spending side-by-side
  • View staffing trends for teachers, paraprofessionals, and district and school leaders

Investigate staffing levels, per pupil spending, special education, and more

Investigate staffing levels, per pupil spending, special education, and more

  • Visualize your staffing levels benchmarked against similar districts
  • Assess your per pupil expenditures and see how other districts compare
  • Understand key patterns in your special education enrollment

Getting Started in Four Easy Steps

  1. Download the RADAR Benchmarking Excel file
  2. Select your district
  3. Select up to 10 comparison districts
  4. Look at each report:
    State Context
    Change Over 5 Years
    Per Pupil Expenditures
    Staffing per 100 Students
    SPED Enrollment
    SPED Staff

Help and Information

Download PowerPoint File
Introduction to RADAR
Download Word Document
RADAR in One Page
Download Excel Document
RADAR Benchmarking: Change Over Five Years with Guiding Questions — Version 3/22/2019
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RADAR Reports Tutorial
Overview of RADAR
Quick Views of Reports
RADAR in Practice: Exploring a Resources Question
Selecting Comparison Districts
Download Excel Document
District Comparison Selections Tool
Wondering which districts to select for comparisons? This tool allows you to filter and sort relevant district data to refine your comparison list.

Recent Updates

03/22/2019    Updated data: 2019 enrollment and staff, 2018 finance

10/01/2018    Home has 2018 state assessment results for both Next Generation and Legacy MCAS.

07/23/2018    FY2017 finance data reflect final amendments from districts.

Updates Calendar

July 20192018 final finance data
October 20192019 MCAS results
February 20202020 enrollment, staff, class size
2019 preliminary finance data

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Additional RADAR Tools

District personnel can access RADAR Special Education and RADAR Class Size in the Department's Security Portal, and also Edwin Analytics reports on finance and staffing.

Contact the RADAR team with comments or requests:

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