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2015-16 Superintendents' Checklist

Superintendents and Charter School Leaders
Mitchell D. Chester, Ed.D., Commissioner
July 15, 2015


As a service to superintendents, each year we provide a checklist of tasks local school districts must complete throughout the year. The checklist is organized in a manner that we hope is helpful to you, including:

  • A modified color scheme and layout to enhance usability.
  • A general timeframe for activities that do not have fixed starting or ending dates (e.g., "Start by Mid-August") and a clear way to distinguish between activities taking place in different academic years.
  • The ability to mark tasks as complete.

In response to feedback from superintendents, we made the following additions:

  • Further refinement of specific categories, such as human resources and actions relevant only to charter, virtual or regional schools. Unneeded categories can be hidden by using the sort filter.
  • A "Person Responsible" column to identify district staff assigned to the task.
  • An "ESE Submission" column that clearly identifies items districts are required to submit directly to ESE; as opposed to keeping on file at the district level. All items on the checklist are required; this is intended to provide further clarification for ESE collected items only.

The majority of activities on the 2015-16 checklist remain unchanged from 2014-15. I would, however, like to draw your attention to a few important tasks due this year:

  • Educator Evaluation: All educators should be participating in the 5-step evaluation cycle and should receive formative or summative evaluations by June 2016. Student feedback must be incorporated into the evaluation process for educators, and staff feedback for administrators. All districts must begin implementing systems for evaluating educator impact on student learning, whether through the state's regulatory framework of multiple measures (statewide growth and district-determined measures) over multiple years or through an alternative pathway proposed by the district and approved by ESE.
  • Student Assessment: The Department has released an initial 2015 assessment and accountability data review and release schedule to provide districts with a general sense of when milestones are expected to occur. We will continue to assess the merits of the Partnership for the Assessment of College and Careers (PARCC) as part of the Commonwealth's two-year test drive.
  • National Background Checks: All employees hired since September 2013 should have completed a SAFIS background check. Pre-September 2013 employees are completing their background check according to a staggered schedule. Required checks for pre-September 2013 employees should be completed no later than June 30, 2016.

In addition, please continue to visit our website for further information, newsletters, frequently asked questions, and resources. Links to many of our key initiatives are featured on our homepage for easy navigation:

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Superintendents' Checklist

Last Updated: July 15, 2015
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