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For Immediate Release
Monday, November 16, 1998
Contact:Jan O'Keefe Feldman

Ten Charter School Finalists Are Announced

Malden - Massachusetts Education Commissioner David P. Driscoll announced today that one-third of the preliminary applications for new charter schools have cleared the first stage of review.

Nine Commonwealth charter school applicants and one Horace Mann school applicant have been selected to submit final applications.

Included in the next round for up to five new Commonwealth charters are four proposals from Boston, two from Lowell, one each from Springfield, Newburyport, and Nantucket. The Horace Mann finalist is a proposal from Springfield.

Thirty-one applications were received for Commonwealth charters, and four others applied for Horace Mann charters. The applications were evaluated by panels of teachers, school leaders, and Department of Education staff. Commissioner Driscoll reviewed the results of these evaluations and selected these ten finalists.

The ten applicants proceeding to the next round will submit a 50-page final application by December 11, 1998. The final phase of the review process will include a rigorous panel evaluation, public hearings, comment by school district superintendents, and applicant interviews. The Board of Education will vote on the award of charters in February, 1999.

Following is a list of the ten finalists:

Charter School FinalistsSchool LocationExpected School Opening1st Year Grade Levels1st Year Enrollment5th Year Grade Levels5th Year EnrollmentContact PersonTelephone
Boston1999K-4200K-8360Jennifer Malonson617-327-4979
Nantucket2000K-380K-7160Joan Ottinger508-228-8710
Boston20005-61205-9300Jacquelyn Walsh617-425-1945
Boston20005-71205-11280Brett Peiser617-269-7557
Lowell1999K-3240K-6420Carol Kierstead603-422-8888
Lowell1999K-5600K-121300Diane Leary-Uong978-970-0106
Boston19999-10809-12160Michael Goldstein718-783-3600
Newburyport19991-61501-8275Leigh Snow978-462-0423
Springfield1999K-5120K-8160Sabriyya Abdur-Rauf413-787-2101
Springfield19999-103009-12600Patricia Keenan413-787-7085

Last Updated: November 16, 1998
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