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For Immediate Release
Wednesday, January 29, 1997
Contact:Alan Safran

Massachusetts Board of Education Endorses College Tuition Assistance" U. Plan"

Malden - The Massachusetts Board of Education has unanimously endorsed a resolution encouraging all interested families and all Massachusetts colleges and universities to participate in The U. Plan - The Massachusetts College Saving Program.

The U. Plan was developed to help and support families who wish to send their children to Massachusetts colleges and universities. Under the plan, families can pre-pay up to 100% of their children's future college tuition at today's tuition rates.

In just two years, the U. Plan has enrolled 33,400 participants from 5 countries and 33 states. The participants have invested over $45 million in the tax-exempt U. Plan bonds.

Over eighty Massachusetts colleges and universities have joined The U. Plan, which has been recognized by the financial press as the nation's premiere prepaid tuition program. Eleven colleges and universities have not yet joined.

"The U. Plan is a great program for Massachusetts families," said Robert V. Antonucci, Commissioner of Education. "By allowing families to lock in tuition at today's rates, the U. Plan helps to bring the dream of a college education within reach for many families. I join the Board of Education in encouraging all Massachusetts colleges and universities to join this public partnership." The Board adopted the resolution supporting the U. Plan at its January 15 meeting in Malden.

The U. Plan is administered by the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority (MEFA) on behalf of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and participating public and private colleges and universities. Information about the plan can be found on the World Wide Web at or by calling

1-800-449-6332 (1-800-449-MEFA).

Last Updated: January 29, 1997
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