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Department of Education Message to School Districts regarding Municipal Medicaid Bulletins #9 & 10

If your school district or service provider already gathers the elements captured by the Medicaid model service provider form (included in Bulletin #9) in some other form, Medicaid does not require that you transfer all service documentation to this specific form and format. However, school districts are required to ensure the that all necessary documentation components for all health related services are maintained and accessible. For Medicaid-eligible services provided by contracted providers (including collaboratives, 766 schools, etc.) school districts may arrange with the provider to retain the necessary documentation, as long as it is accessible upon request. Documentation must be maintained and available for review for a minimum of 6 years.

The Department of Education would like to clarify that school districts may not refuse payment for special education services that are provided pursuant to a school district written contract with an out-of-district placement (see 603 CMR 28.06(3)(f)), nor make such payment contingent on receipt of service documentation required by the Municipal Medicaid program.

DMA Bulletins MUNI-9 and MUNI-10

Last Updated: January 29, 2004
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