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FY2016 Application Forms for Title I Part D, Subpart 2 Neglected or Delinquent Programs

To:Administrators of Title I Part D Subpart 2 Neglected or Delinquent Programs in Community Residential Facilities
From:Matthew Pakos, Administrator, School Improvement Grant Programs
Date:July 8, 2015


FY2016 Title I Neglected or Delinquent (N/D) Subpart 2 application materials (Fund Code 305) are now available on the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education's Grants Management web site.

  1. Application: The application is in electronic format and consists of two parts: (a) a Microsoft Excel budget workbook, including workbook instructions, and (b) a Microsoft Word program narrative.

  2. Submission: Completed budget workbooks and program narratives must be submitted to the Title I Director within the public school district in which your eligible N/D facility is located, and must also be emailed to Note that the Department will not process applications that have not also been sent to Title I directors. In addition, scanned PDF copies of the signed cover sheet must be emailed to

  3. Grant duration: Upon approval of district Title I grant *#151; 6/30/2016

The Department continues to emphasize the development of Title I Part D programs that provide eligible youth with opportunities to meet the same challenging state academic content and achievement standards expected of all students. This is intended to support successful transition from a community residential environment to further education/training and/or employment.

The Title I Director within the public school district in which your eligible N/D facility is located will review and approve your Title I grant application. The Title I Director will check that the completed grant provides a comprehensive overview of the Title I services offered to students within your facility. This collaboration should expedite the process to ensure approval and funding. The Department and the local Title I Director will offer technical assistance as needed.

In addition, N/D facilities and the local public school district are required to have a formal agreement in place fully describing services provided and the terms of payment. The required agreement establishes a legal and fiscal basis for transferring Title I funds from the public school district to the N/D facility.

Completed applications should be submitted electronically to your district Title I Director and to the Department by early August to help ensure that funds are able to be accessed in September, although availability of funds is contingent upon approval of the district Title I grant as well. The scanned signed cover sheet should also be emailed at the same time the electronic file is sent.

For questions regarding allocations, timelines, the budget workbook, the program narrative, or other topics related to Title I Part D Subpart 2, contact Russ Fleming at and 781-338-6259.

Last Updated: July 9, 2015  
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