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End of Year SIMS

To:SIMS Contacts
From:Helene Bettencourt
Date:June 7, 2005


MDCS is now available for End of Year SIMS. There are a few new items to pass along to you.

New Validations

  1. Students who are outplaced to private schools must have SpEd Private Placement (DOE032) =00, placed by district. The only students who should have a SpEd Private Placement=01, placed by parent/guardian, are those students receiving services only who are educated in private schools at the parent or guardian expense.
  2. Students who are outplaced and reported as transferred in both March and End of Year cannot have Days in Membership greater than what was reported in March. For instance, if the student was reported as transferred in March showing 105 days in membership and the student is still reported as transferred in End of Year, the days in membership for EOY cannot be greater than 105. Once a student is reported as transferred, days in membership should not continue to increase.
  3. Student characteristics for students who are reported as transferred, Enrollment Status (DOE012) = 02, are no longer required to match the student characteristics (First Name, Middle Name, Last Name and DOB) in the DOE student directory. For example, if the student's first name is Jonathan but the DOE student directory has Jon itt will not cause an error.

New Reports

Most summary reports are now being generated 'automatically' once the submission is successful. On the Security Portal, you will see an application called SIMS Reports. Once your data is submitted, reports will be run overnight and placed in SIMS Reports the next day. All reports are not yet in this application so please refer to the Report Explanation document located on the SIMS website.

Report access is generated by the security roles in MDCS and reports can be viewed or printed. If a user has the MDCS role-school level, that user can view all reports pertaining to the school for which he/she has access. Those with the MDCS role-district level will see all school and district reports.

If you submit MDCS or use the SIMS Update application after your initial submission, all current reports will be removed since the MDCS data has changed. Once you successfully re-submit or all students are in Submit status in SIMS Update, a new set of reports will be generated the next day.


The End of Year SIMS is due by July 14th. Districts may request an extension to July 21st. District edits and duplicate resolution must be resolved by August 4th so that AYP reporting can be completed in mid-August. If the End of Year SIMS data is not received by July 21st it may impact your district's AYP determinations. Superintendent certification statements are due by August 19th.

Please contact your DOE Field Technologist if you have any questions. A field technologist listing can be found at: Data Collection Support Specialists by District.

Last Updated: June 7, 2005

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