Adult and Community Learning Services (ACLS)

FY18 ACLS Funding Increase with Table 1

February 16, 2018

Dear Program Directors, Please see attached revised Table 1 Download Excel Document that includes program increases approximately 2.88% for CALC programs (fund codes: 340, 345, 359), Primary Instruction by Volunteers (fund code: 287), and DL Hubs (fund code: 669). Please note that the full amount is not available to distribute to programs as ACLS needed to ISA $150,000 to the Department of Career Services to support infrastructure cost for the One-Stop-Career Centers as required by WIOA. We made adjustments to make these funds available under both state and federal fund codes so programs can process amendments instead of processing new grants. Please contact our office asap if you are not able to use these additional funds. You have until March 8th to submit the amendment and request the increases. Please submit your amendment in Ed Grants. If your amendment is not received by March 8th you may not be eligible to claim the additional funds. The priority for these funds is to add additional services and reduce the number of students on the waitlist. Programs can also use the increase to support instructional technology and materials for students, curriculum development, and professional development for staff to attend SABES trainings. The increase:
  1. must address the following:
    • adding additional classes to reduce the wait list and/or
    • adding additional intensity to classes
  2. may also support:
    • curriculum development
    • technology for students (e.g. software licenses for instructional purposes, computer upgrades);
    • additional paid professional development for staff to attend SABES trainings; and/or
    • instructional materials for new classes added with these funds.
Please note that some CALCs are not eligible for the increase due to either being in the process of reducing their current grant or returning $5,000 or more in FY17. These programs are not listed in Table 1. Please contact your program specialist to review your plans for the increases or if you have any questions. Thank you! Jolanta Conway

Last Updated: February 22, 2018

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