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MCAS Performance Appeals

Important Reminders About Filing Appeals

Dear High School Colleagues:

Beginning immediately, incomplete appeals (those missing eligibility data, rationale for a waiver of an eligibility requirement, or performance information) will be returned to the superintendent of schools. Incomplete appeals risk not being reviewed before graduation. Before sending in appeals please review them thoroughly. Here are some reminders:

  • Use the revised application and cohort worksheet located on the appeals web site at Call 781-338-3333 for help.

  • The appeal must be signed by the student's teacher in the subject of the appeal.

  • If you are filing cohort appeals, include all of the students who (a) took the same sequence of courses as did the student under appeal and (b) passed between 220 and 228 (defined as the cohort). Be certain to include the high school year the course was taken. Also, please use only the standardized cohort worksheet. Handwritten worksheets or those completed in other technical applications will not be accepted.

  • If GPAs are not available for school years 10 and/or 11, please provide the GPAs for other years courses were taken and submit a reason why courses in grades 10 and/or 11 are not included. The students' senior year GPAs may be used if one semester has been completed.

  • No GPAs under 0.4 may be included on the worksheet. Appeals will not be granted to students whose cumulative GPA is below 1.0.

  • Appeals for transfer students will only be considered after they have taken the March retest in the senior year.

  • In rare instances when a disabled student's work samples are being submitted instead of a portfolio, please review the guidelines for preparing portfolio appeals.

MCAS cohort appeals submitted by April 15 will be reviewed in April. Portfolio appeals submitted by April 15 will be reviewed by mid-May. Results of the March retest should be available for you on or about April 30 or May 1. Appeals submitted by May 11 will be reviewed in time for graduation.

We appreciate your hard work in helping all students meet the standard.

Important Notice on Filing MCAS Appeals for Spring 2004


David P. Driscoll
Commissioner of Education

Last Updated: March 17, 2004

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