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Role and Responsibilities of the Organization's Educator Preparation

To:Educator Preparation Program Contacts
From:Educator Preparation
Date:May 7, 2008


Currently, there are ninety-one organizations in Massachusetts approved to sponsor educator preparation programs. The organizations are many and diverse, with a wide variety of organizational and communication structures. The majority of organizations sponsor multiple approved programs of varied type and purpose. With so many individuals engaged in the enterprise of educator preparation across the Commonwealth, it is sometimes difficult for us to ensure that the information we distribute for your assistance filters through to all layers of your organization.

The Department's Educator Preparation Team is committed to fostering smooth, ongoing communication and services with our colleagues in the field. This advisory provides guidance related to the role and responsibilities for individuals assigned by their organization to the function of program contact for educator preparation.

Sponsoring Organization Program Contact

The Department expects that each sponsoring organization will designate one individual to serve as the central contact for state-approved educator preparation programs. That individual will fulfill the following role and responsibilities:

  • Serve as the sponsoring organization's central point of contact for all educator preparation programming
  • Communicate Department news, advisories, directives, updates, and technical assistance materials to educator preparation stakeholder colleagues at the sponsoring organization
  • Bring forward the sponsoring organization's concerns, questions, and proposals related to educator preparation
  • Participate in Department activities to support the approval of educator preparation programs
  • Oversee all aspects of sponsoring organization's compliance with state regulations pertaining to educator preparation
  • Coordinate all aspects of the organization's submission of new programs for approval
  • Oversee the organization's implementation of the formal review site visit
  • Submit State Annual Report (SAR) and Title II data as assigned by your organization and as required by regulation
  • Submit endorsements of program completers via the ELAR online system

We hope that this guidance will be of assistance as your organization prepares for the upcoming formal review cycle. Please bring questions and suggestions related to this advisory to the attention of your Department liaison.

Last Updated: November 6, 2008

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