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Administrative Apprenticeship/Internship

To:Superintendents and Educational Leaders
From:Mitchell D. Chester, Ed.D.
Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education
Date:December 11, 2009


The administrative apprenticeship/internship route to administrator licensure was launched in October 2001. It is one of three possible routes to administrator licensure, providing flexibility to applicants and a mechanism for districts to support the development of aspiring educational leaders. I would like to congratulate and thank those districts that have utilized this apprenticeship/internship as an effective recruitment and retention tool. Through the Administrative Apprenticeship/Internship program, districts can play a critical role in cultivating effective educational leaders who possess the knowledge and skills necessary to foster positive environments for teaching, learning, and strengthening student achievement. I encourage all districts, with the required capacity to do so, to make this route available to appropriately talented and motivated candidates.

The Guidelines for Administrative Routes to Initial Licensure require that districts support candidates through seminars and other learning experiences that will give the candidate proficiency in demonstrating the Professional Standards for Administrators. To ensure that Superintendents fully understand and commit to the responsibilities imposed on districts via these routes, via this notice we are announcing an important change in the administrative procedures of this valued program. Please be advised that as of February 1, 2010 the section of the Verification/Endorsement Form for Administrator Licensure noting the successful completion of an Administrative Apprenticeship/Internship must be documented by the signature of the Superintendent only. Designees can no longer sign this section of the form.

Along with this change in the program's sign-off procedures, the Department will institute a process of random reviews to ensure conformance with the guidelines established by this program. Districts should be prepared to provide the following for a period of five years after candidates have been licensed:

  • Mentor information including mentor name, qualifications, license(s) held, and verification of participation in mentor training;
  • Documentation of seminars, workshops, and other professional growth experiences the candidate participated in during the apprenticeship/internship;
  • Endorsement statement recommending the candidate for licensure in a specific administrator role/level signed by the superintendent;
  • Evidence of the candidate's successful completion of the Performance Assessment for Initial License if the district is involved with the process.

We applaud the dedication and hard work of the candidates who avail themselves of the administrative apprenticeship/internship route to initial licensure and appreciate the commitment of the districts that support them. The aforementioned measures are intended to ensure that districts and candidates alike are fully aware of their reciprocal responsibilities under this program, improve accountability, and strengthen the state's structure of support for districts and licensure candidates.

Thank you for your continued efforts to provide the students of Massachusetts with the tools they need for continued learning, college and career readiness, productive citizenship, and success.

Last Updated: December 14, 2009

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