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Information on Diversion Survey 2010

To:Food Service Directors
From:Kathleen C. Millet, Administrator, Nutrition, Health and Safety
Date:January 28, 2010


Diversion Survey Pounds-Survey Completion by February 5, 2010

There has been confusion regarding the numbers of pounds per child on the Diversion Survey. While this step is very important, at this stage it is still an estimate. We will take all of your concerns into account and will do our best to meet your needs. If there is a need to increase orders we will do that. It is very important that you fill out the percentages for product diversion on the survey.

The following will affect the actual pounds your district will be allocated:

  • Quantities of USDA diverted product may need to be adjusted to meet USDA's full truck load requirement;
  • Number of schools diverting to a specific processor; and
  • Percentage of each school's total allocation sent to each processor.

To get the approximate pounds per child on the survey the following calculation is made:

The number of truckloads ordered for the previous year - multiplied by net pounds, divided by the warehouse ADP.

As all districts have had to address increases in food costs, we have had similar increases in the USDA food products available through the food distribution program. Combined with increases in product prices and a decrease in warehouse ADP, a downward adjustment in full truckloads had to be made last year and subsequently this year also. We will review all requests received through the survey process. Carryover balances from the previous year are considered in the ordering process also. To prevent fewer trucks being ordered, please watch your balances. Only order what you can use in one school year. In the final analysis, based on carryover balances and funds available we will work to maximize the availability of the food distribution products. We appreciate all your hard work and will do our best to make processing work in your district.

Please contact Belinda Wilson at or 781-338-6478 with any questions.

Last Updated: January 28, 2010
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