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Educator Evaluation

ESE Support and Guidance for Districts and Schools as they Implement the Educator Evaluation Regulations

As part of its commitment to attract, develop and retain an effective educator workforce, in June 2011 the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved new regulations for educator evaluation, a critical linchpin for cultivating expertise and encouraging continuous professional growth. Districts began to implement the regulations, in Level 4 schools and in 11 voluntary early adopter districts, in September 2011. Race to the Top districts will begin implementing the regulations in September 2012, and all other districts will begin implementation in September 2013.

ESE is committed to supporting districts in their implementation of the Educator Evaluation Framework. The following timeline outlines support ESE will provide to districts and schools:

January 10, 2012

ESE hosts a webinar for RTTT teams introducing the Educator Evaluation Model System

ESE posts to its website Model System protocols, forms, and guidance including:

  • District-level and School-level Implementation Guides
  • Model rubrics (superintendent, principal, teacher)
  • Model teacher contract language and recommended forms
  • Model principal evaluation process
  • Model superintendent evaluation process
  • District reporting requirements
  • Criteria and processes ESE will use to review district contracts and protocols

January - February 2012

ESE hosts RTTT district teams at six regional "Getting Started" workshops to help districts begin to plan for and implement educator evaluation regulations: school committee chair, superintendent, union president, human resources administrator, principal

ESE identifies ESE-approved consultants/organizations to offer subsidized technical assistance and training

Race to the Top Districts begin collective bargaining

February 2012

ESE releases the first seven free training modules with facilitator guide materials to RTTT districts and identifies "train-the-trainer" opportunities and consultants/organizations that ESE will support to offer regional training:

  1. Getting Started at the School Level
  2. Unpacking the Rubric
  3. Self-Assessment and Goal-Setting
  4. Educator Plan Development and Implementation
  5. Gathering Evidence through Artifacts
  6. Gathering Evidence through Observation
  7. Rating Educator Performance

Spring 2012

ESE supports the development of regional and role-specific "Networks of Practice" to enhance sharing and effective implementation

ESE releases additional rubrics as needed for specialized roles

June 2012

ESE releases a supplement to the Implementation Guide that provides guidance on developing district-determined measures of student learning, growth, and achievement; using those measures to rate educator impact on student learning; and model contract language

ESE releases District-determined Measures of Student Learning and Rating Impact on Student Learning, free training modules and facilitator guide materials to RTTT districts and approved consultants/organizations

Approved consultants begin providing online and hybrid face-to-face/online professional development to support effective implementation

May 2013

ESE issues direction on gathering student and staff feedback

ESE reports to the Board on feasibility of parent feedback

Districts bargain district-determined measures of student learning, growth, and achievement


Independent evaluator monitors ESE and district implementation successes and challenges so that ESE can make mid-course adjustments to its implementation support efforts

Last Updated: December 7, 2011
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