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ELL Assessment Update - ACCESS for ELLs Test Information (2)

To:Principals and District English Language Learner (ELL)
Copy:Program Directors
From:Dan Wiener, Administrator of Inclusive Assessment
Date:November 14, 2012


Greetings! I want to update you on preparations to administer ACCESS for ELLs tests between January 10 and February 13, 2013, including the following information:

  • REMINDER to order test materials by November 16
  • Online test administrator training and certification
    • Awarding PDPs for completion of training
    • A tool for monitoring training of staff in your school and district

REMINDER to Order Test Materials by November 16

The window to order ACCESS for ELLs test materials will close this Friday, November 16. By then, you should have submitted your online order for test materials, based on information sent to you on October 26 in an email from MetriTech, the test contractor. That email contained important instructions for ordering test materials, plus a user name and password to the MetriTech ordering website. If you are a principal and did not receive the email, please contact MetriTech immediately at 800-747-4868 or by email at

Materials should be ordered for E ELL students in your school in grades k-12, even if they will not participate in one or more sections of the test; for example, certain students with disabilities described in the Requirements for the Participation of ELLs in ACCESS for ELLs and MCAS (2012-2013 Update) posted at

Online Test Administrator Training and Certification

As you are aware, ACCESS for ELL test administrators must participate in online training modules and certification quizzes in order to administer the tests. This information is provided in a memo posted to

Awarding Professional Development Points (PDP) for Completing Online Test Administrator Training

ACCESS for ELLs test administrators are entitled to receive PDPs from their district for the ACCESS for ELLs online training courses they have successfully completed. Educators must score 80 percent or higher on the certification quiz for a module in order to be authorized to administer the test and to receive PDPs. Test administrators can print out their online certificate confirming their successful completion of each module and quiz, and use this as evidence of completion. To receive PDPs, educators must complete 10 or more hours of professional development in ACCESS for ELLs online training (see guidelines below) and other related content, including WIDA and English language instruction and assessment.

  • Module 1: Overview-no certification quiz (1 hour of training)
  • Module 2: Group-administered test components-Listening, Reading, and Writing (2 hours of training)
  • Module 3: Speaking test component (2 hours of training)
  • Module 4: Kindergarten test component (3 hours of training)

Monitoring the Progress of Test Administrator Training in Your District

Principals and district ELL directors will be able to monitor the training and certification of ACCESS for ELLs test administrators in their districts to ensure that a sufficient number are trained in the components of the test they will administer. To facilitate monitoring, a WIDA personal account is being created for each principal and each ELL director (unless they have already created a WIDA personal account) that will enable a principal and ELL director to log on to the WIDA website and view the certification quiz results of test administrators in your district. Test administrators will be able to view their own results, but only principals and ELL directors will have access to the "district view" feature.

WIDA will send a confirmation email on or about November 16 to principals and ELL directors providing login information to those who have not already created their own personal account. If you do not already have a personal account and did not receive the email from WIDA, please contact the WIDA Help Desk at after November 16. Your login information will enable you to access the "district view" feature by following the instructions below.

INSTRUCTIONS to View Your District's Test Administrator Certification Quiz Results

If you wish to view the certification quiz results for educators in your district, principals and ELL directors should follow the steps below:

  1. Go online to
  2. In the upper right corner LOG IN section, enter your user name and password for your WIDA personal account. Click LOG IN.
  3. Click on the purple ACCESS for ELLs Training Course.
  4. Then, click on the MY QUIZZES tab at the far right end of the green bar across the top.
  5. On the next screen, click on the DISTRICT VIEW tab on the left, beneath the green bar. The names of individuals who have created training accounts will be displayed alphabetically by last name. The scores will be displayed for those who have taken the certification quizzes.
  6. At the bottom of the page, you may wish to click on DOWNLOAD RESULTS to create an Excel file which can be sorted to list the results of staff in each school.

Please call the WIDA Help Desk at 866-276-7735 with questions.

If you have further questions about administering ACCESS for ELLs tests, please contact Paulette Watson at or 781-338-3625.

Thank you for your attention to this information.

Last Updated: December 6, 2012
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