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School Redesign

2012-2013 Expanded Learning Time Update

To:Superintendents, Principals, Grant Contacts for Expanded Learning Time Schools
From:Cliff Chuang, Associate Commissioner
Moira Connolly, Education Specialist for Expanded Learning Time
Date:April 3, 2013


By now your school year is in full swing and you are preparing to administer MCAS. We are seeing great things happening at your schools and we wish you and your students luck in the coming weeks.

As we did in January, we would like to continue to provide you with updates regarding oversight and support activities that the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) plan to conduct this year to help ELT schools and districts clarify, align, reflect on, and accelerate their implementation and performance. We also want to clearly communicate the expectations for receiving continued ELT funding. This memo summarizes planned oversight and anticipated support activities for the remainder of this school year.

Reapplications for ELT Funding in FY14

ELT funding, as you know, is always subject to state budget appropriations. Although the state's FY14 budget has not yet been approved, we would like to provide you with the link to the funding opportunity for ELT reapplications in anticipation of level funding for ELT in FY14. You will notice that the timeline for submission is similar to that of last year and the application itself is also quite similar with the exception of a few small adjustments in information requested as part of your "Program Narrative" relating to subsidizing funding, creative problem solving in ELT implementation, and instructional monitoring. Please note that preliminary projected allocations for FY14 ELT continuation grants are based on the average SIMS enrollment reported on for October 2012 and March 2013. If your school anticipates a significant change in enrollment numbers for FY14 from FY13 funding levels (a decrease or increase of more than 10%), please contact Moira Connolly as soon as possible so that we can plan accordingly. The reapplication RFP can be accessed at:

ELT Performance Agreements

Cohort II and IV schools have submitted new ELT Performance Agreements effective immediately reflecting goals for 2015. As you know, all ELT schools granted funding through Fund Code 225 and 225A will be drafting/redrafting ELT Performance Agreements either this year or in the coming years. Because these are three-year agreements which inform funding decisions and are one of the means by which ESE monitors progress, the tool itself should clearly track progress toward meeting goals. For this reason we have revised the template to ensure that the goals set forth in these agreements align with ESE's new Accountability System.

The next cohort of schools that will be redrafting their ELT Performance Agreements will be Cohort III, which is also the group receiving full site visits this school year.

Special Notice for Cohort III Schools:

Cohort III schools began implementing ELT in 2008-2009 (see full list of schools by cohort at the end of this memo), and 2012-2013 concludes their current Performance Agreement period. After a site visit this spring (see below), ESE staff plan to meet with district and school leaders to provide preliminary feedback on the potential for continuation of ELT funding. At the end of the 2012-2013 school year, after a full review of ELT implementation and performance data across five years, ESE will make a final determination about which Cohort III schools will continue to receive state funding for ELT. We anticipate that these decisions will be made in early fall 2013. Due to the timing of data availability and the need to provide districts and schools time to plan for transition and to inform families, any schools that are subject to discontinued funding will receive a final year of ELT funding during FY14, and state funding support for ELT would end as of June 30, 2014. Please be sure that all district and school stakeholders are appropriately informed of this process.

ELT Site Visits

We have begun conducting full ELT Site Visits to Cohort III schools. Site visits are one of the means by which the ESE documents each ELT school's performance and progress over time, corroborating and augmenting the information reported each year in the school's reapplication within the context of the ELT Performance Agreement process. Equally as important, the visits enhance the ESE's understanding of ELT program strengths and challenges, and provide an opportunity to offer feedback to schools as well as inform statewide technical assistance efforts.

We have been fortunate this year, as we were last year, to have school leaders serve on site visit teams. Your knowledge of the program and its structures is truly valuable, and we look forward to working with those of you who are scheduled to serve on teams to schools we have yet to visit this year. Many thanks for your participation.

Please note that we also hope to conduct Check-In Visits to some schools this year as well. These half-day check-in meetings are designed to gather some observational and qualitative evidence regarding the schools' implementation of their ELT School Redesign Plans. We will be in contact with individual schools and districts about the scheduling of these visits in the coming weeks.

Additional Training

As mentioned in our previous memo, we have scheduled two webinars related to the Progress and Performance Index (PPI), on May 1 and May 22 at 3:00 p.m. Please register at: Given the number of training obligations related to educator evaluation and the RETELL initiatives this spring, we will be planning over the summer to consider additional guidance we may be able to provide to ELT schools about effectively using expanded time to serve students with disabilities and English Language Learners.

We hope that you find this information helpful and we look forward to seeing many of you on April 11th at the ELT Leadership Team session hosted by Massachusetts 2020 in Marlborough.

As always, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Massachusetts ELT Accountability Schedule

DistrictSchoolCohortFull Site Visit Prior to Next Anticipated Funding Decision*Performance Agreement RedraftAnticipated Date for Next Funding Decision
BostonBoston Arts AcademyII2014-20152012-2013FALL 2015
Edwards Middle SchoolI2013-20142014-2015FALL 2014
BrocktonHuntington ElementaryIV2014-20152012-2013FALL 2015
CambridgeFletcher-Maynard AcademyI2013-20142014-2015FALL 2014
Martin Luther King, Jr.I2013-20142014-2015FALL 2014
ChelseaJoseph A. BrowneIII2012-20132013-2014FALL 2013
Fall RiverCarlton M. ViveirosIII2012-20132013-2014FALL 2013
Matthew J. KussI2013-20142014-2015FALL 2014
North End (Silvia)II2014-20152012-2013FALL 2015
FitchburgArthur LongsjoIII2012-20132013-2014FALL 2013
GreenfieldGreenfield MiddleII2014-20152012-2013FALL 2015
Newton ElementaryII2014-20152012-2013FALL 2015
MaldenFerrywayII2014-20152012-2013FALL 2015
SalemwoodI2013-20142014-2015FALL 2014
RevereA.C. WhelanIII2012-20132013-2014FALL 2013
Garfield MiddleIII2012-20132013-2014FALL 2013
William McKinleyIV2014-20152012-2013FALL 2015
WorcesterCity ViewII2014-20152012-2013FALL 2015
Jacob HiattI2013-20142014-2015FALL 2014

*The Department may conduct additional full or check-in site visits at ELT schools as resources allow or circumstances warrant. In particular, we may conduct additional visits at schools that our new (Cohort IV) or those who have made significant changes to their ELT School Redesign Plans.

Last Updated: April 5, 2013
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