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College and Career Readiness

Team Formation Guidelines for the CCR Regional Sessions

Team Rationale: The intent of the College and Career Readiness (CCR) Professional Development Regional Session series is to bring together local/regional teams representing school districts, community organizations and workforce development partners to address CCR for all students. Teams are better equipped than individual participants to improve existing systems and initiatives to meet the needs of all students. Activities during the sessions will be designed for team participation in order to maximize the benefit for all attendees.

During the regional sessions, teams will have multiple opportunities to address a range of relevant resources and supports that offer students the knowledge, skills and experiences necessary for post-secondary success, including but not limited to grants managed by the Department's CCR unit, such as Connecting Activities, MassGrad, and the competitive Academic Support grants, i.e., Work and Learning grants, Community College Transition grants and the Pathways One Stop Career Center grants.

Team Configuration: The Department strongly encourages all interested stakeholders to register as teams. Teams can be composed of a variety of community and school district leadership roles, including: workforce development professionals from Workforce Investment Boards and One Stop Career Centers; community college leaders; community-based organizations who are active partners with schools/districts; and district leaders such as superintendents and assistant superintendents, staff who manage any of the Department's CCR grants, directors of curriculum and instruction, directors of student services, school principals and assistant principals, school counselors, teachers, graduation coaches, and advisors.

Team size can range from 4 or 5 members to 10 or more members. There is sufficient capacity at each session for numerous teams. Teams can be focused on one district with key community partners, or can be regional with more than one school district. Community partners that serve more than one school district in their region will need to determine, in consultation with their school partners, how to participate in more than one team, where multiple district teams are fielded.

Please feel free to contact any member of the CCR Unit for support in your efforts to create effective teams for these regional sessions:

Jenny Curtin, Coordinator of High School Graduation Initiatives -

Nyal Fuentes, College and Career Readiness Specialist -

Lisa Harney, Dropout Prevention and Recovery Specialist -

Shailah Stewart, Connecting Activities Coordinator -

Keith Westrich, Director, College and Career Readiness -

Last Updated: November 17, 2013
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