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For Immediate Release
Thursday, April 1, 1999
Contact:Jan O'Keefe Feldman

Charters for Ten Charter Schools are up for Renewal: Education Commissioner Invites Written Comment

Boston - Massachusetts Education Commissioner David P. Driscoll announced today that ten of Massachusetts' public charter schools are candidates for renewal, and the public is invited to comment in writing on the possible renewal of each of the charters.

The first charter schools have been in operation since 1995. By law, each charter is good for a period of five years. To remain open for an additional five years, each charter school must apply for renewal in its 3rd, 4th or 5th year of operation.

"The process we follow during this first renewal cycle is very important, because we are setting the standard now by which we will evaluate all other charter schools. One key ingredient is public involvement, and I encourage everyone interested to send in written comment," said Commissioner Driscoll.

The Commissioner will review each school's application and track record, an will recommend to the Board those charters that should be extended for five more years.

The public is invited to comment in writing, and address a charter school's performance relative to the three questions that the Commissioner and Board of Education will use in deciding whether to renew, or not renew, each school's charter: (1) is the academic program a success; (2) is the school a viable organization; and (3) has the school been faithful to the terms of its charter?

Written comment must be received by the following dates:

April 14th -- for the Sabis International Charter School (Springfield), Community Day Charter School (Lawrence), and the Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter School (Franklin)

May 5th -- for the Francis W. Parker Charter School (Fort Devens), Neighborhood House Charter School (Boston), and the Cape Cod Community Charter School (Orleans)

June 5th -- for the Lowell Middlesex Academy Charter School (Lowell), Lawrence Family Development Charter School (Lawrence), Marblehead Community Charter School (Marblehead), and Atlantis Charter School (Fall River)

Written comments should be addressed to:

David P. Driscoll
Commissioner, Department of Education
Room 1403, One Ashburton Place
Boston, Massachusetts 02108.

Requests for applications for renewal and any questions about the charter renewal process can be directed to the Acting Associate Commissioner for Charter Schools at the above address or at (617) 727-0075.

Last Updated: April 1, 1999
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