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HTML Character Entities

Character EntityGlyphDescription
""double quotation mark
# # number sign
$ $ dollar sign
% % percent sign
& & ampersand
∗; asterisk
&lt; < less-than sign
&gt; > greater-than sign
&tilde; ˜ tilde
&ndash; en dash
&mdash; em dash
&nbsp;   nonbreaking space
&sect; § section sign
&copy; © copyright
&reg; ® registered trademark
&deg;; ° degree sign
&plusmn; ± plus or minus
&para; paragraph sign
&middot; · middle dot
&times; × multiplication sign
&Pi; Π pi
&sum; sum
&radic; square root
&infin; infinity
&ang; angle
&cong; congruent to
&asymp; almost equal
&ne; not equal
&equiv; equivalent
&le; less or equal
&ge; greater or equal
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