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Approved Special Education Schools

Educational Specialist Assignments

The OASES unit of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education approves new program applications and monitors approved special education day schools and residential programs and certain changes to these programs. The OASES unit also provides technical assistance regarding educational laws and regulations related to approved special education day and residential school programs to the public, including program staff, Local Education Agency (LEAs), other state agencies, parents/guardians and other interested parties.

To request assistance you may contact the assigned OASES Educational Specialist from the list below by telephone, or email at:

Christina Belbute781-338-3749
Megan Bowie781-338-3751
Bridgette Mekkaoui781-338-3743
Helen Murgida781-338-3713
Christine Romancewicz781-338-3723
Lynda Womack781-338-3740
Fabio Scarcelli, Administrative Support781-338-3724
Karen Brann, Supervisor781-338-3748
Joanne Morris, Supervisor781-338-3722
Jannelle Roberts, Assistant Director781-338-3738
Nina Marchese, Director781-338-3711

Office of Approved Special Education Schools
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
75 Pleasant Street, Malden, MA 02148-4906
Main Telephone: 781-338-3700
TTY: N.E.T. Relay: 1-800-439-2370
FAX: 781-338-3710

Liaison List


Agency/Collaborative Name and Associated School ProgramsLiaison
Amego, Inc. — Attleboro
Amego Day Program
Amego Residential Program
Lynda Womack
Archway, Inc. — Leicester
Archway Residential Program
Christina Belbute
Boston College Campus School — Chestnut Hill
BC Campus School Day Program
Christina Belbute
Boston Higashi School, Inc. — Randolph
Boston Higashi School Day Program
Boston Higashi Residential Program
Boston Higashi 365 Residential Program
Lynda Womack
Brandon School and Residential Treatment Center, Inc. — Natick
Brandon Intensive Day Program
Brandon Intensive Residential Program
Megan Bowie
Broccoli Hall, Inc. — Sudbury
Corwin-Russell Day Program
Bridgette Mekkaoui
Camp Sunshine, Inc. — Framingham
Reed Academy Residential Program
Megan Bowie
Cardinal Cushing Centers, Inc. — Braintree & Hanover
Cardinal Cushing Centers Braintree St. Coletta Day Program Cardinal Cushing Centers Day Program Cardinal Cushing Centers Residential Program
Christina Belbute
Center for Applied Behavioral Instructon, Inc. — Worcester
CABI Day Program
Bridgette Mekkaoui
Center for School Crisis Intervention and Assessment, Inc. — Holyoke
The Center School Day Program
Megan Bowie
Children's Center for Communication — Beverly
Beverly School for the Deaf Day Program
Children's Center for Communication Day Program
Lynda Womack
Children's Study Home — Springfield
Curtis Blake Day
Mill Pond Day Program
Bridgette Mekkaoui
Clarke School for the Deaf — Northampton and Canton
Clarke School East Day Program
Clarke School for the Deaf Pre-School Program
Clarke School for the Deaf Day Program
Christina Belbute
Clearway School, Inc. — Newton
Clearway Day Program
Clearway Summer Program
Lynda Womack
Community Providers of Adolescent Services, Inc. — Dorchester
COMPASS Day Treatment & Education Program
COMPASS Short Term Crisis Day Program
COMPASS Summer Program
Lynda Womack
Community Therapeutic School — Lexington
Community Therapeutic Day Program
Community Therapeutic Summer Program
Lynda Womack
Cotting School, Inc. — Lexington
Cotting Day Program
Cotting Summer Day Program
HOPEhouse Residential Program
Lynda Womack
Crossroads School for Children — Natick
Crossroads Day Program
Bridgette Mekkaoui
Crystal Springs, Inc. — Assonet
Crystal Springs Residential Program
Christina Belbute
Cutchins Programs for Children and Families, Inc. — Northampton
New Directions Day Program
Christina Belbute
Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health — Rutland
Devereux Day Program
Devereux Residential Program
Devereux CARES Day
Bridgette Mekkaoui
Doctor Franklin Perkins School, Inc. — Lancaster
Doctor Franklin Perkins Day Program
Doctor Franklin Perkins Residential Program
Lynda Womack
Evergreen Center, Inc. — Milford
Evergreen Center for Basic Skills Residential Program
Evergreen Center for Behavior Development Residential Program
Megan Bowie
F.L. Chamberlain School — Middleborough
F.L. Chamberlain School Day Program
Chamberlain International School Residential Program
Christina Belbute
Fall River Deaconess Home — Fall River
Fall River Day Program
Fall River Residential Program
Christina Belbute
Farr Academy — Cambridge
Farr Academy Day Program
Farr Academy Summer Program
Bridgette Mekkaoui
Franciscan's Children's Hospital & Rehabilitation Center — Brighton
Kennedy Day Program
Megan Bowie
Gifford School, Inc. — Weston
Gifford Day Program
Gifford Summer Program
Megan Bowie
Hillcrest Educational Centers, Inc. — Pittsfield
Housatonic Academy Day Program
Hillcrest Residential Program Hillcrest Intensive Residential Treatment Program
Hillcrest Autism Spectrum Disorders Residential Program
Bridgette Mekkaoui
Home for Little Wanders, Inc.— Walpole & Plymouth
Southeast Campus Day Program
Southeast Campus Residential Program
Megan Bowie
Hopeful Journeys Educational Centers — Beverly
Hopeful Journeys Educational Center Day Program
Helen Murgida
Horace Mann Educational Associates (HMEA) — Franklin
Darnell School for Educational & Behavioral Services Day Program — Hudson
Bridgette Mekkaoui
Italian Home for Children, Inc. — Jamaica Plain
Italian Home for Children Day Program
Italian Home for Children Residential Program
Megan Bowie
Judge Baker Children's Center, Inc. — Boston
Manville School Day Program
Manville School Summer Program
Lynda Womack
Judge Rotenberg Educational Center, Inc. — Canton
Judge Rotenberg Residential Program
Christina Belbute
Justice Resource Institute, Inc. — Boston
JRI Anchor Academy Day Program
JRI Bay Cove Academy Day Program
JRI Berkshire Meadows Program
JRI Granite Academy Day Program
JRI Meadowridge Academy Campus
JRI Meadowridge Littleton Academy Campus
JRI Meadowridge Pelham Academy Campus
JRI Meadowridge Swansea Wood Campus
JRI Meadowridge Walden Street Campus
JRI Meadowridge van der Kolk Center, Glenhaven Academy Campus
JRI The Victor School Program
Megan Bowie
Kennedy Donovan Center Inc. — New Bedford
Kennedy Donovan Day Program
Lynda Womack
Landmark School, Inc. — Beverly
Landmark Day Program
Landmark Residential Program
Bridgette Mekkaoui
Latham Centers, Inc. — Brewster
Latham Intensive Residential Program
Helen Murgida
League School of Greater Boston, Inc. — Walpole
League School Day Program
League School Residential Program
Megan Bowie
Lighthouse School, Inc. — Chelmsford
Lighthouse Comprehensive Day Program
Helen Murgida
Little People's School, Inc. — Newton
Learning Prep School Day Program
Bridgette Mekkaoui
Massachusetts Association for the Blind — Brookline
Ivy Street Residential Program
Ivy Street Day Program
Lynda Womack
Massachusetts Foundation of Learning Disabilities — Westfield
White Oak Day Program
Christina Belbute
May Institute, Inc. — Brockton, Randolph, Woburn and West Springfield
The May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities — Randolph Day
The May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities — Randolph Residential
The May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities — West Springfield
The May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities — Wilmington
The May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders — Brockton Day
The May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders — Brockton Residential
Christina Belbute
McAuley Nazareth Home for Boys, Inc. — Leicester
McAuley Nazareth Day Program
McAuley Nazareth Residential Program
Bridgette Mekkaoui
McLean Hospital, Inc. — Belmont
Arlington Day Program
Center for Neeurointegrative Services (CNS Pathways Academy) Program
Megan Bowie
Meeting Street Massachusetts, Inc. — Dartmouth
Schwartz Center Day Program
Christina Belbute
Melmark New England, Inc. — Andover
Melmark Day Program
Melmark Residential Program
Bridgette Mekkaoui
Merrimac Heights Academy — Merrimac
Merrimac Heights Academy Day Program
Helen Murgida
Milestones, Inc. — Waltham
Milestones School Day Program
Helen Murgida
Nashoba Learning Group, Inc. — Westford
Nashoba Day Program
Helen Murgida
New England Academy, Inc. — Beverly
New England Academy Day Program
Helen Murgida
New England Adolescent Research Institute, Inc. — Holyoke
NEARI Day Program
Megan Bowie
New England Center for Children, Inc. — Southborough
NECC Intensive Instruction Day Program
NECC Residential Program
NECC Intermediate Residential Program
NECC Severe Residential Program
Bridgette Mekkaoui
New England Pediatric Care — Billerica
New England Pediatric Day Program
Helen Murgida
Northeast Behavioral Health — Rowley
Solstice Day Program
Helen Murgida
Perkins School for the Blind, Inc. — Watertown
Perkins Blind Day Program
Perkins Blind Residential Program
Perkins Multi-Impaired Day Program
Perkins Multi-Impaired Residential Program
Perkins Severely Impaired Day Program
Perkins Severely Impaired Residential Program
Perkins Special Services Day Program
Perkins Special Services Residential Program
Megan Bowie
Professional Center for Child Development — Andover
Professional Center for Child Development Day Program
Helen Murgida
Realizing Children's Strengths, Inc. — Natick
RCS Day Program
RCS Intensive Day Program
Lynda Womack
Riverside School — Needham
Riverside School Day Program
Lynda Womack
Riverview School — East Sandwich
Riverview Day Program
Riverview Residential Program
Christina Belbute
Robert F. Kennedy Children's Action Corporation — Holyoke and Lancaster
RFK Academy Day
Don Watson Academy Day
Bridgette Mekkaoui
Saint Ann's Home, Inc. — Methuen
Saint Ann's Home Day Program
Saint Ann's Home Residential Program
Saint Ann's Home Summer Program
Megan Bowie
Schools for Children, Inc. — Chelsea and Newton
Dearborn Academy Day Program
Dearborn Academy Summer Program
Seaport Campus Day Program
Bridgette Mekkaoui
Seven Hills Foundation, Inc. — Groton and Barre
Seven Hills at Groton Day Program
Stetson Residential Program
Lynda Womack
Specialized Education of Massachusetts, Inc. — Bridgewater
High Road Day Program
High Road Summer Program
Christina Belbute
Springdale Educational Center, Inc. — Holyoke
Springdale Education Day Program
Megan Bowie
Stevens Children's Home — Swansea
Stevens Day Program
Stevens Residential Program
Christina Belbute
Summit Academy, Inc. — Worcester
Summit Academy Day Program
Lynda Womack
The Guild for Human Services, Inc. — Concord
The Guild for Human Services Day Program
The Guild for Human Services Residential Program
Lynda Womack
The Learning Center for the Deaf — Framingham
TLCD Marie Philip Day Program
TLCD Marie Philip Intensive Day Program
TLCD Marie Philip Residential Program
TLCD Walden School Residential Program
Christina Belbute
Valley Educational Services, Inc. — Chicopee
Valley West Day Program
Valley West Summer Program
Christina Belbute
Walker, Incorporated — Needham and Watertown
Walker Day Program
Walker Intensive Residential Program
Beacon Day Program
Lynda Womack
Wayside Youth & Family Support Network, Inc. — Framingham
Wayside Academy Day Program
Wayside Academy Residential Program
Bridgette Mekkaoui
Whitney Academy, Inc. — East Freetown
Whitney Academy Intensive Residential Program
Lynda Womack
Willie Ross School for the Deaf, Inc.— Longmeadow
Willie Ross School for the Deaf Day Program
Megan Bowie
Willow Hill School, Inc. — Sudbury
Willow Hill Day Program
Helen Murgida

Last Updated: May 12, 2020

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