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Using the Amendment Smart Form

Amendments to this year's End of Year Pupil and Financial Report can be made using the automated amendment smart form.

Do not use Firefox or Mozilla as a browser for this application.

All Superintendents have been provided with the security access to submit amendments to the End of Year Report on the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's secure portal.

Follow these steps to access and use the form

  1. Login to the security portal

  2. Select "Application List" then select the EOY Amendment Form at the bottom of the Applications menu.

  3. The default fiscal year is FY18 and we will be adding FY19 once those reports are submitted.

  4. Select your district from the organizations list and click next.

  5. Use the pull down menus to select the schedule, line, and column for the amendment that you want to make. If the change impacts Schedule 3, a pull down menu with your school list will appear, select the appropriate school report.

  6. Enter the original entry and the corrected entry in their respective boxes. Please remember to match the original entry to the decimal point to facilitate processing.

  7. Select the add button. This amendment will be added to your list of pending changes. If you make a mistake, you can delete any pending changes before submitting them to the DOE.

  8. To add additional amendments to your list of pending changes, simply select the schedule, line, and column, enter the original and corrected figures, and select the add button. The amendment will be added to the list.

  9. When you are done, check the box to attest to the veracity of the amendment(s).

  10. Click the submit button to upload the changes.

Other Items

  • Each time you login to the amendment smart form, you will be able to view a record of the amendments that you have submitted and those that are still pending.
  • The record of amendments will automatically be sorted by the date that they were submitted, with pending changes at the top of the list, though users can sort the records based on any of the columns.
  • If your list of amendments extends beyond more than one page, you can toggle between pages by selecting the link to the page that you want to view.
  • Print your list of amendments in landscape format in order to view all of the fields.
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