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Grants and Other Financial Assistance Programs

FY2019: Quality Enhancements in After-School and Out-of-School Time (ASOST-Q) - Targeted Funds Grant

Fund Code: 531


Quality Enhancements in After-School and Out-of-School Time (ASOST-Q) - Targeted Funds


The following organizations are eligible, as noted in the Fiscal Year 2019 state budget 7061-9611 line item language:

Auburn Youth and Family Services, Inc.$15,000
Community Foundation of Southeastern MA$500,000
Department of Comm. Services City of New Bedford$100,000
Recreation Worcester$400,000
Youth and Family Enrichment Services, Inc.$25,000

Funding Type:

State Earmark


Up to the amount and for the purposes noted above.

Funding is contingent upon availability. All dollar amounts listed are estimated/approximate and are subject to change. If more funding is to become available it will be distributed under the same guideline as listed in the initial RFP document.

Fund Use:

Funds must be used in alignment with the respective line item language, and as described in a budget, budget narrative, and scope of services that is submitted to the Department's Office of Student and Family Support.

Note: Indirect costs may not be charged to this grant

Project Duration:

School Year: Upon Approval – 6/30/2019

Summer: 7/1/2019 – 8/31/2019

Program Unit:

Office of Student and Family Support


Allison Smith

Suggested Date Due:

Thursday, October 18, 2018 (Note: Start date cannot be before an approvable submission in EdGrants — see Submission Instructions below).

Required Forms:
Download Word Document
Part I — School Year: Program Unit Signature Page (Standard Contract Form and Application for Program Grants)
Download Word Document
Part I — Summer: Program Unit Signature Page (Standard Contract Form and Application for Program Grants)
Download Excel Document
Part II — Summer Budget (if applicable)

Scope of Services
Please submit a scope of services summary document along with the required forms noted above. There is no template provided for this; you can submit the information on a Microsoft Word document you create.

Additional Information:

A narrative evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the program is requested by the Department — to be submitted after the end of the program (and by September 30, 2019).


Submit all required grant materials through EdGrants.

In EdGrants, grantees are required to create and name the project. Please use the following naming convention for your "Applicant Project Name" in EdGrants:

  • FY19 531 Organization's Name.

All required forms should be uploaded / attached in the Attachments List of the Application Submission. This includes a signed / scanned PDF of Part I / Coversheet with Executive Director's signature. The final school year budget the applicant is requesting will be entered directly into EdGrants as part of the application submission process (note: if applicable, summer budgets will need to be entered into EdGrants sometime in the spring).

For Guidance Documents regarding EdGrants, visit EdGrants: User Guides and Information.

Please note: It is up to the grantee to determine who they want to add as EdGrants Front Office users in order to submit the grant application as well as payment request information. Please review the EdGrants: User Security Controls document to make informed decisions regarding assigning your district level users.

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