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Explanation of the SCS Summary Reports

The following document provides information on the SCS Summary Reports available to districts, after they submit the SCS collection. You can find these reports in the Reports orange arrow Summary Reports section of the SCS application. It is very important for districts to carefully review the data in these reports, before deciding to certify their collections.

For general information about the reports, view the description below of each report.

You can also download detailed descriptions of the values used to produce these reports, here: Download PDF Document  Download Excel Document

If you have any questions, please call 781-338-DATA (3282).

Report 1: Missing Courses

Lists courses that were reported in the prior period but have not been reported for the current period.

Report 1: Missing Courses compares courses reported in a collection period, with courses reported in the previous period, within a school year.
This report will be available to pilot districts, beginning in June 2010, when it will compare courses collected in the June period, to courses collected in the previous March collection.
For the statewide collection, Report 1: Missing Courses will be available each March, and then again each June, starting in March 2011, and again in June 2011.

Report 2: School Course Count, by Subject Area

Lists all courses offered by a school, organized by term, and subject area.

Report 3: Student Count, by Enrollment Status

Presents the total number of students in each course, and grouped by completion status.

Report 4: Student Course Records, by Enrollment Status

Lists all student course records, organized by enrollment status (Complete, Incomplete, Withdrew, and Excused).

Report 4: Student Course Records, by Enrollment Status will be available online, only in the current collection period. Other reports will be available online in subsequent periods.

Last Updated: October 5, 2010
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